Monday, January 29, 2018

AuroTrends Professional Barber Razor Edge Hair Cutting Shears set

This is a really nice 6 piece set of Barber tools. The set comes with a really nice zippered case, a pair of cutting shears, a pair of thinning shears, 2 plastic hair clips and a comb. Both pairs of shears are really sharp and should hold up to even the most coarse hair. They have removable comfort grips in the handles. They simply pop out and back in. Great if you have larger fingers.

The zippered case is super nice. It has a nylon zipper It has pockets in one side that holds the shears separately from each other. There is also a snapped flap that hooks around the handle to make sure they stay in place. There is a soft flap in between sides of the case. The shears on side and a on the other there is a pocket to place the hair clips and the comb.

The 2 plastic hair clips are curved and about 3 inches long. Inside the clip there are little teeth so they stay put in the hair better.

The comb is 7 inches long. It is a plastic comb, It does have some flax to it. IT has the smaller closer bristles and the larger further apart bristles. This makes it easier when dealing with fine and thin hair as well as long and thick hair.

Great for trimming hair at home or a starter set for the professional.

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