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Bad Blood by Laurencia Hoffman and Sophie Smith

Bad Blood
Wages of Sin
Book One
Laurencia Hoffman
and Sophie Smith

Genre: Horror/Paranormal

Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing

Date of Publication: 4/3/2016

ISBN: 1532872887

Number of pages: 250
Word Count: 70,000

Cover Artist: Rue Volley

Tagline: Not all monsters live in dreams...some are real and they walk among us.

Book Description:

Vampire, Blake Auckley develops a wild and rebellious nature that puts him and all humans who are unlucky enough to make his acquaintance in danger. Abandoned by his maker, Melina, the night he was created, Blake is used to being on his own, but when she suddenly reappears in his life, it changes his world yet again.

Though forgiving and forgetting the past is hard, Blake and Melina attempt to put their differences aside and repair their relationship. However, with dark secrets and old wounds marking their souls, Blake's enemies not far behind, and so many obstacles still ahead they must fight to survive the danger, as well as each other.

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“Why did you
turn me, Melina? Why did you take my life?”
“What are you
going to do? Kill me? And here I thought we were getting along so well,” she
said with a chuckle.
Blake considered
the idea of destroying her there and then; how satisfying it would have been,
even if that feeling would only last a moment. But, realistically, he knew that
he would still be left with unanswered questions, and the prospect of Silas
hunting him down. It would just prove to be more of a hindrance than anything
His grip relaxed
and then fell from around her throat. “I don’t know why I waste so much energy
despising you. Think of what I could accomplish if you didn’t burden my mind.”
Clearly angry
that he had been aggressive, her slender fingers clutched his neck and threw
him to the floor.
“You’re stronger
than I thought you would be, but do not forget your place. It would not matter
if I were merely a year older than you; every year counts. Your elders are
stronger than you, even if it’s only by a sliver. If you forget that, you may
become vulnerable. And in a fight between you and them, you would lose.”
 “You’re attractive when you’re angry,” he said
with a smirk.
With a roll of
her eyes, Melina released him, got back to her feet, and then composed herself.
disrespectful he was toward her, he had asked her a question, and it was only
polite for Melina to respond.
“I was
desperate, lonely, and hungry when I turned you. There was something about your
eyes...something that indicated that immortality would suit you.” Her answer
was simple. Blake could tell by her answer that she hadn’t put much thought
into turning him. “Any other questions?”
“Have I become
just what you imagined, your perfect progeny?” That, most of all, was what
irked him. She had been so thoughtless, so careless with his life.
“I’m not sure. I
don’t really know you, so I can’t make any assumptions. You could use a lesson
in manners, though.”

About the Authors:

Laurencia Hoffman is the author of Casting Stones, Bittersweet, A Wish for Remembrance, Life and Death, No Love Lost, and co-author of The Wages of Sin series.

When she's not writing, she also enjoys making her own line of natural products, satisfying her sweet tooth, and watching films.

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Sophie Smith is the co-author of the Wages of Sin series. When she's not writing, she enjoys gaming, blogging, and watching her favorite shows.

Where do you get inspiration for your stories?
I have what I like to call muses. My muses are typically actors and actresses, the genre and plot depend on who my muse is at the time. Before I even start writing, I choose faces for my characters, and the people I choose for my characters influence my stories because I draw inspiration from my muses.
How did you do research for your book?
I think the most research I did was common weaknesses for vampires and werewolves. I didn't want to use holy water and crosses, or even sunlight. I don't like being limited when it comes to writing.
Do you have another profession besides writing?
I run a floral preservation company with my mother. It's the perfect occupation for me because it allows me to be creative while I'm brainstorming storylines!
If you could go back in time, where would you go?
That's a really tough question for me because a lot of different periods of time interest me. So I'd want to experience all of them!
What is your next project?

The Wages of Sin Series is ongoing, so make sure you keep an eye out for the sequels! There are plenty of books to come.

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