Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Amendment Killer Book Trailer Blitz


Author: Ronald S. Barak

Publisher: Gander House

Pages: 320

Genre: Thriller/Mystery & Suspense/Political Thriller


That's the text message Supreme Court Justice Arnold Hirschfeld receives as
hearings commence in the U.S. Supreme Court to determine the fate of the 28th
Amendment - enacted to criminalize abuse of power on the part of our political

In court to defend the amendment, retired U.S. District Court Judge Cyrus
Brooks observes his old friend and law school classmate Hirschfeld acting
strangely and dispatches veteran D.C. homicide detective Frank Lotello to find
out why.

In the meantime, Hirschfeld's precocious and feisty 11-year-old diabetic
granddaughter Cassie, brutally kidnapped to control her grandfather's swing vote
upholding or invalidating the amendment, watches her insulin pump running dry
and wonders which poses her greatest threat, the kidnappers or the clock. As
Brooks is forced to choose between saving our nation or saving the girl.



Book Excerpt:

May 6,
6:30 am

have your granddaughter
Here’s what you need to do.
Thomas T.
Thomas III reviewed the language. Again. He closed the phone without hitting
send. Yet.
He stared
through high-powered binoculars from atop the wooded knoll. As always, the girl
hit one perfect shot after another.
Webber. Age 11. He’d been tailing her for three months. It seemed longer.
She was
chaperoned everywhere she went. Two-a-day practices before and after school.
Her dad drove her in the morning. He watched her empty bucket after bucket and
then dropped her off at school. Her mom picked her up after school, ferried her
back to the practice range, and brought her home after daughter and coach
finished. Mom and daughter sometimes ran errands on the way, but always
together. Even on the occasional weekend outing to the mall or the movies, the
girl was constantly in the company of family or friends. Having someone hovering over me all day would have driven me
childhood had been different. When Thomas was her age, he walked to school on
his own. And he lived a lot farther away than the girl. His daddy had never let
his driver chauffeur him around. Wasn’t about to spoil him. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Didn’t spoil me that way either.
He kept
telling himself patience was the key. But his confidence was waning. And then,
suddenly, he’d caught a break. The girl’s routine had changed.
started walking the few blocks between school and practice on her own. Dad
dropped her off at morning practice and Mom met her at afternoon practice
instead of school. Only a ten minute walk each way, but that was all the
opening he needed.
was finally in place. He would be able to make amends. He would not let them
This time.
completed her morning regimen, unaware of Thomas’s eyes trained on her from his
tree-lined vantage point. No doubt about it, he thought to himself. She was
incredibly good. Driven. Determined.
Very pretty.
relieved himself, thinking about her. A long time . . . coming. Haha! As the girl disappeared into the locker
room, he trekked back down the hill, and climbed into the passenger side of the
van. He returned the binoculars to their case. He removed the cell from his
pocket, and checked the pending text one more time.
later, the girl emerged from the locker room, golf bag exchanged for the
backpack over her shoulders. She ambled down the winding pathway, waved to the
uniformed watchman standing next to the guardhouse, and crossed through the
buzzing security gate. She headed off to school.
Without taking his eyes off her,
Thomas barked at the man sitting next to him. “Go.”

About the Author

Described by his readers as a cross between Agatha
Christie, Lee Child, and John Lescroart, bestselling author Ron Barak keeps his
readers flipping the pages into the wee hours of the night. While he mostly
lets his characters tell his stories, he does manage to get his licks in too.

Barak derives great satisfaction in knowing that his books not only entertain
but also stimulate others to think about how things might be, how people can
actually resolve real-world problems. In particular, Barak tackles the
country’s dysfunctional government representatives—not just back-seat driving
criticism for the sake of being a back-seat driver, but truly framing practical
remedies to the political abuse and corruption adversely affecting too many
people’s lives today. Barak’s extensive legal background and insight allow him
to cleverly cross-pollenate his fiction and today’s sad state of political

In his latest novel, THE AMENDMENT KILLER, Barak calls upon his real world
legal ingenuity and skill to craft a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
criminalizng political abuse and corruption that Constitutional scholars across
the country are heralding as a highly plausible answer to the political chaos
destroying the very moral fiber of the country today. It’s difficult to read
THE AMENDMENT KILLER and not imagine what could—and should—be expected and
demanded of those political leaders who have forgotten they are there to serve
and not be served.

Barak is also a committed and strident advocate of finding a cure for diabetes.
One of the primary characters in THE AMENDMENT KILLER is the feisty and
precocious 11-year-old diabetic granddaughter of the Supreme Court justice
holding the swing vote in a case in which Congress is challenging the validity
of Barak’s hypothetical 28th Amendment. It is no small coincidence that Barak
is himself a diabetic. Or that he has committed 50% of the net proceeds of THE
AMENDMENT KILLER to diabetes research and education.

Barak is singularly qualified to have authored THE AMENDMENT KILLER, which will
appeal to political and legal thriller aficionados alike. Barak is a law school
honors graduate and a former Olympic athlete. While still in law school, he authored
a bill introduced in Congress that overnight forced the settlement of a decades
long dispute between the NCAA and the AAU to control amateur athletics in the
United States.

Present-day politicians would do well to read THE AMENDMENT KILLER and not
underestimate the potential of Barak’s 28th Amendment. You can read his 28th
Amendment at You can also read
his occasional political blogs at

Ron and his wife, Barbie, and the four-legged members of their family reside in
Pacific Palisades, California.



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