Friday, November 3, 2017

KISSPAT Real Premium Peacock Feather Headband

This is a beautiful peacock feather headband. There are the tips or the eye of the Peacock feather of 12 feathers attached to a felt backing. There is also a rhinestone encrusted pearl like stone in the lower center of the feather piece. The feather have been trimmed down to make this beautiful headband.

The band and the feather piece are separate pieces. The headband is a metal headband covered in soft silk type material. The feather piece has a loop piece on the back that you feed the headband through. I like this because I wear the feathers lower or higher as I want. The feather piece does lay flat against my hair when I am wearing it. I can wear the feathers on either side of my head as I see fit.

This headband comes shipped in a very nice padded gift box. The feather piece is inside of a plastic bag so it can not be bounced around and damaged. The headband is not attached. There is a velvet padded piece at the bottom of the box and a sponge piece inside the top of the box. There is also a pretty bow on top of the box. This headband would make a very nice gift for any girl, teen, or woman.

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