Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Excerpt Tour: Special Delivery by Judi Lynn

Special Delivery
by Judi Lynn


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



Karli Redding is a traveling nurse. She has a month off between jobs, so when Mill Pond's mailman, Keagan Monroe, calls to say that her grandfather can't care for himself anymore, Karli volunteers to go to Mill Pond and help set up suitable health care for him. Axel's always been a pain in the rear, and age hasn't improved him. The two bump heads, and Karli ends up cooking and cleaning for the old man while she tries to decide what to do with him. She also finds herself getting more and more attracted to Mill Pond's mailman. But Keagan's been through one bad romance and he wants something permanent this time, nothing temporary. Can Karli give up her footloose lifestyle? Can she find happiness in a small town?


Exclusive Excerpt:

Keagan shook his head.  “What now?  I doubt you want to stay in this place tonight.  This is the only room that’s tolerable—barely.  What’s your next move?”

“I saw a motel closer to town.  I’ll try to get a room there, then come here early tomorrow morning and clean some place to stay in.  I brought an air mattress, in case.  I’ll set that up.  There’s no way I’m using one of the beds.”

Keagan gave a small nod of approval.  “My mom’s going to send over a casserole tomorrow to get you started.  I’ll drop it off when I deliver the mail.”

“Thank you.”

He grinned.  “You won’t believe me, but Mill Pond’s a pretty friendly place except for him.  Here.”  He opened his cell phone and punched in the name of the local motel.  “Nick and Meg own it.  I hope they have an open room.”

She was in luck.  When she handed his phone back to him, she looked surprised.  “They only had one vacancy tonight.  They’re full for the rest of the week.”

“Tourists.  Mill Pond is a happening place.  You’re lucky it’s not leaf season.  We’re mobbed when people come to the National Forest to see the trees in their glory.”  Keagan grabbed an empty carton of microwaved mac ‘n cheese off Axel’s TV tray and carried it to the kitchen to throw away.  “Good luck with everything.  If you need something, holler.”  He gave her his cell phone number.

She watched him drive away, then went to make a slow inspection of the house.  The refrigerator was clean inside, stocked with Axel’s Ensure and cottage cheese.  As for the rest of the house, she might as well have signed up to be a charwoman.  She returned to the back room and noticed the TV remote on Axel’s cluttered tray.  The house might be ready to fall around his ears, but the flat screen mounted across from his bed took up most of the wall.

He glared at her.  “The sooner you leave, the better.”

“Then find a nice nursing home, and I’m out of here.”

“Never gonna happen.”

She smiled.  “Then it sucks to be you.  Until you show me that you can take care of yourself, I’m going to be in your business.”

His hand shot out to pinch her again, and she raised an eyebrow.  “Go ahead.  Make my day.”  A Clint Eastwood quote, but appropriate.  He folded his arms over his chest, and she said, “Let’s get you cleaned up before I go to the motel.”

“Keagan takes care of that.”

“It looks like you need washed again.”

“That’s not gonna happen.  No woman’s touching nothing of mine.”

“I’m a nurse.”

“You’re a girl.”

She could argue, but he wouldn’t change his mind.  He’d been living alone and taking care of himself this long.  Another day wouldn’t matter.  She started for the front door.  “See you tomorrow.”

“Not if a semi hits you first.”

“You’re not that lucky.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I taught elementary education for six years before I had my two daughters. I have a fondness for kids, so lots of them have been in and out of our house. I have a fondness for cooking, too, which means I fed a lot of them. As much as I love hamburgers and hot dogs, the kids had eclectic tastes, so I collected more and more recipes and cookbooks. Today, food sneaks into my stories, and if I'm lucky, so do children...and strays. I invite most of them in and now have a stray cat who walked through our doors to rule our house, a stray chihuahua who barks at everything, and an adopted parakeet and rat terrier. I also have a very patient husband, or he'd have probably left before now.

My author Facebook page:
On twitter:  @judypost



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  1. congrats on the tour and thanks for the chance to win :)

  2. Thanks for sharing my book on your blog, Teresa!

  3. I love your cover and I would love to read your book.

  4. My publisher will let me send you a code for a free ebook if you'll review it. Would that work for you? They're on a first come, first serve basis. I still have some. I'd need your e-mail address.

  5. Sounds like a book I'll enjoy reading, thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for commenting! I enjoyed writing it.

  7. It looks like a sweet and fun read. Thanks for hosting.

  8. Thanks for the comment. I tried to write sweet reads, so I'm glad they come off that way. Before I started Mill Pond romances, I wrote urban fantasy as Judith Post, and one battle led to a bigger one:) For the romances, I wanted to write something lighter and more fun.