Sunday, November 19, 2017

Craftswer Pom Pom Balls In Many Colors & Sizes

I do a lot of crafts and also let the kids do their own craft projects. Pom Poms are one of those craft items every home should have on hand. Pom Poms are used in so many different crafts. I purchased the 20 mm multicolored pom poms. They are about the size of a penny. Craftswer sells other sizes as well as single color packages. There are around 80 pom poms in the 20 mm package. I chose the multicolored package myself since I usually use different colors in my craft projects.  The 10 mm package comes with 300 pom poms and the 25 mm comes with 60 pom poms. These are some of the better pom poms I have used. Some of the really cheap ones the fluff falls out of very easily. I have not noticed the fluff coming loose with these pom poms.

Pom poms are great for many adult crafts but the kids love them as well. They can make all types of fun projects as well as sensory designs and leaning designs. They can be used for counting flash cards. 'Pom poms can also be used in place of the small plastic game tokens. There are just so many ways of using pom poms and the bright colors really stand out in the projects.

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