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BOOK TOUR: The Space Between by Susan Rooke

Book Details:

Book Title: The Space Between: The Prophesy of Faeries by Susan Rooke

Category: Adult Fiction, 452 pages

Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale

Publisher: Holynok Press

Release date: September 12, 2017

Format available for review: ebook (mobi, ePub, PDF)

Tour dates: Oct 23 to Nov 17, 2017

Content Rating: PG-13 (For some violence. There is no sex or bad language)

Book Description:

Mellis, a courageous and resourceful young woman, is kidnapped from the human world and taken to the Space Between by a tribe of faeries called the Penitents. Because of guilt over an ancient sin committed by their angel ancestors against the Maker, the Penitents have cursed themselves with grotesque physical disfigurements. Mellis can help them reunite with the Maker and find their way back to redemption, but she would need to give up the life she's always known to remain in the Space Between.

As she struggles with this heart-wrenching decision, one of the Penitents, bent on revenge, commits a gruesome attack against the tribe, and they learn he has taken Satan--the Maker's greatest enemy--as his ally. All in the Space Between are facing grave danger. Will a long-awaited act of vengeance save them?

Susan Rooke builds a rich and fantastical world of angels and demons, monsters, faeries and dragons. Abounding with spirituality and humanity, this faery tale for adults has a cast of vivid characters you won't soon forget.

To follow the blog tour and read reviews, please visit Susan Rooke's page on iRead Book Tours.

My Review:
Let me just say this book was no where near what I thought it was going to be. It was more Sci-Fi to me and I am not a huge fan of Sci-fi. There are also several stories going on at once in this book. The book was a bit confusing to me I have to admit, It was like it started in the middle of the story, you just have to keep reading to kind of figure out what and where the story is happening. The first several chapters kind of left me lost. 

The main story in the book is about Mellis. She and her dog are kidnapped from our earth and taken to "NeverLand" actually its The Space in Between. The space in Between is a land in between Heaven and Hell.  Here she meets some of the strangest looking people ever. they are called the Penitents. Everyone in the Space in Between is deformed in some way. Her maid has one hazel eye in the middle of her forehead, one of the men who kidnapped her has lobsterish claws for hands, the Ruler of the Penitents has an extra set of small legs coming out of his hip, things like that. The Penitent have chosen these deformities as a pittance for a wrong their ancestors have done. It is up to Mellis to redeem the people and redeem themselves with their maker. But she must give up her life and family on Earth. 

The story is interesting, even with being a bit confusing. There are some really graphic and gross parts in the book. There wasn't strong language or sex but think Michael Myers and other stories like that when it comes to gore. The characters are vivid and well defined. The writing is done very well, and it is a griping tale. 

Meet the Author:

Susan Rooke is a Pushcart-nominated poet and author of the forthcoming The Space Between Series. Her short stories and poems have appeared in publications such as The Christian Science Monitor and The Twilight Zone Magazine, among many others. She resides on a square of green, peaceful country not far from Austin, Texas, with her husband Glen, who runs a small cattle operation while Rooke writes fiction about angels and demons, monsters, faeries and dragons. Look for her fantasy novel, The Space Between: The Prophecy of Faeries on Amazon.

Connect with the Author: Website ~ Twitter ~ facebook

Guest Post:
This Hallucinatory Life
At the risk of sounding certifiable, I want to share a secret. Sometimes I see things that aren’t there. I rarely mention this; I haven’t wanted to seem weird. But lately I’ve reconsidered. So what if I seem weird? Weird’s almost a job requirement for writers.
It began when I was 4 or 5, tucked into my parents’ bed with a high fever. (I used to get those often as a child. Coincidence?) My mother was there, looking glamorous for an evening out, and conversing with my father, who wasn’t visible from the bed. Neither was she. Despite the vision’s clarity, none of it was real. They found me sitting up in bed and chattering animatedly to an empty room.
Now that I’m older, the hallucinations often occur upon waking in the morning, as part of something called a “hypnopompic state.” They’re always accompanied by paralysis. Hairy black spiders the size of dinner plates scuttling down the bedroom walls are a favorite. Or a child-sized figure wearing a red hooded coat and holding an upraised knife (after watching Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now). My inability to move so much as a finger adds to the thrill. (Once the spiders or the pint-size killers disappear, so does the paralysis.)
During the transition from wakefulness to sleep, there’s the “hypnagogic state,” which brings on visions without paralysis (even more entertaining!). Within a few minutes of falling asleep, my eyes fly open and I’ll hallucinate a shape in the darkness by the bed, often an inanimate object. An oversize screen door falling across me, for instance, or a pair of 7 foot tall Chinese porcelain lions. Sometimes it’s a man. I’ll see him so clearly (including the colors and patterns of his clothing—extraordinary in an unlit bedroom at night) that I could give a precise description to the police. Whatever it is, it’s always threatening. I’ll scramble backwards across the mattress while shrieking, and after 15-20 seconds, the vision fades away. Oddly enough, once I stop screaming it’s easy to go back to sleep.
The rarest kind is the wide-awake, broad daylight hallucination. A few years ago I was rear-ended. A minor accident, but it shook me up. While exchanging my car for a loaner at the body shop, I got a call from the other driver’s insurance rep, wanting the loaner’s make and model. I read out to her what I saw on the back of the vehicle. “It’s a Toyota Titan pickup truck.”
I can hear someone saying, “Toyota doesn’t make the Titan pickup!”
No. Nissan does. But I didn’t know that then.
That’s not the worst part. Back home, I parked the truck and got out, glancing at the emblem in the grill as I passed. It wasn’t a Toyota. (Or a Nissan.) In disbelief, I walked around to the rear to be certain.  
It was a Ford F-150.

C’mon, brain. Really?

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