Wednesday, October 25, 2017


First off I just have to say I love the packaging. These plastic hypodermic containers with the screw off lids are just too cute. They are an excellent lead off to this great mask. The mask actually has 2 layers of fabric over the mask, one on each side. Which you peel off before applying the mask. The mask itself is totally saturated in the product. It was very wet but I did not have a problem with it leaking into my eyes or mouth or dripping off while wearing the mask. The mask has a very light scent. I usually don't like scented face products, but the scent did not bother me at all. After a few minutes I didn't smell it all.

To apply the mask you wash your face first, then like I said peel off the fabric mesh layers then just gently press down over your face. I left the mask on about 20 minutes. I did not experience any burning, stings, itch, redness, or tightness during or after wearing the mask. After taking the mask off I rinsed the remaining product off my face. After my face fully dried it felt very soft. I really like these masks, how easy they are to use and how nice they left my face feeling.

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