Monday, October 23, 2017

Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Crystal Lamp 3 to 5 KG

I love Pink Himalayan Salt lamps. They are beautiful to look at ad bring something to any room you place it in. They are also very useful for then just lighting a dark spot. Salt lamps naturally deodorize the air.. They have no smell to them but do great at getting yucky smells out of a room, with no chemicals. They also are a great mood booster, they help with depression and anxiety also.

My lamp weighs about 5 pounds. It is made of natural cut pure Pink Himalayan Salt. It has a wooden base on the bottom. The cord is about 6 feet long and has a off/on flip switch on the cord itself. The lamp takes a small nightlight sized bulb. There is one included with the lamp. Mine was boxed inside of the light bulb area of the lamp.

These lamps are great to use as night lights also. If you put it in a child's room please make sure you put it some place where it cannot be knocked over. The lamps are very heavy and could really hurt not only a child but anyone if it were to fall and land on any part of a body.

If the lamp is not in use for a long period of time it is best to cover the lamp in plastic wrap to keep it fresh so to speak. The heat from the light, even though there is very little, keeps dampness from hurting the salt, so when not in use the plastic wrap will do the same thing.

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