Saturday, October 28, 2017

Muffy & Valor: A True Story by Karl Beckstrand

Little Muffy was attacked by a large dog and hurt badly on her side. After she heals he no longer likes other dogs and barks at any one that come near her.

Valor a large German Shepherd gets out of his yard and is hit by a car and hurt badly on his side..

Muffy's person Carlos runs to his mom about Valor laying int he street hurt. She drives him to where Valor is and since no one seems to know who Valor's people are, they take him to the Vet who fixes him up. Not knowing where her loves Mother worries abtout what to do with Valor since Muffy does not like other dogs. Carlos tells his mom that he will watch Muffy and keep her away.

Once they get Valor to their home Carlos decides to see how Muffy will act around Valor. Surprisingly she knows Valor is hurt and goes to him to comfort him.

This is a true story from Karl Beckstrands childhood. It is a very sweet book. As a huge dog lover it brought a tear to my eye.  I hate to think of animals hurt, suffering, and alone.  I have 2 furry kids. One has 3 legs, he was shit in his rear leg several years ago. So I think this story hit real close to home for me. It is a great book. It doesn't really go into detail of the wounds. it is a short book, and the words would be pretty easy for early readers.

I was given a copy of this book by the author for review purposes but the review is my own thoughts.

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