Monday, October 23, 2017

Healthypup Glucosamine Chondroitin Natural Dog Supplement Soft Chews

My dogs are both 11 years old. I have Mouse a Chihuahua mix and Rebel a Pit Bull mix. They are my babies and I am trying my best to make these last few years I have with them as comfortable as possible for them.

When Rebel was 2 he got out of the yard and someone in our neighborhood shot him in his back left leg. We had to have the leg amputated at the hip. Now that he is getting older his remaining back leg is not doing so well. Some days he seems to have a hard time getting up and going. He whines at times and I feel like he may be having pain as well.

The last time I had Mouse to the Vet they told me his back left leg was popping out of joint some, which is why he no longer jumps on the couch or chair I have to pick him up. He does not seem to have any pain like Rebel does though.

I decided to give these Healthypup Glucosamine Chondroitin soft chews a shot. Mouse has no problem gobbling them up. Rebel doesn't care much for them. He is kind of a picky eater. Mouse is about 16 pounds so he gets 1 chew a day. Rebel is about 40 pounds and gets 2 chews a day. I mix Rebels in with his dinner. There are 120 chews in the plastic container. The container has a screw on lid. The lid is not childproof so make sure to keep out of reach of children. The chews are about the size of the larger chunk dog food. These do have a slight dog food smell to them they are not strong at all and I do not detect a medicine smell.

I am personally not sure how long it will take to see a difference but I am hoping these will help make my dogs comfortable and keep them happy during these last few years of their lives.

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  1. Will you be doing a follow-up post after, say, a month? I'm really interested in this/similar products. Wonder if it'd help a very elderly 3-legged cat ...?