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Haunted Halloween Spooktacular Secret of Souls by Aubrie Nixon

feeling the Iter gives me is unique. I have tried other drugs, of course, but
the Iter is specific with its high. I see things that are unexplainable, things
that any sane person would call disgusting. But since I am not sane, I continue
to crave the dark and disturbing visions that the Iter gives me.
of us don’t survive the Iter. You die flying on a cloud of pure bliss as you
fade into oblivion. Those of us who survive our first encounter are treated
like kings and queens. We are rich beyond measure and could have anything we
could ever dream of. Riches, cars, clothes, mansions, fame–anything we want, it
is ours. It is the least they can offer us. But, after having the Iter, we want
nothing but to feel the release and music it brings. We are the Iter’s muses,
and we need it as much as it needs us. We are one.
lie there with black leather pants and a dark lacy bra on. My hair is done in
an elegant bun, and I have been painted with enough makeup that I might rival
them for their beauty. I cannot feel anything from the neck down. All of the
feeling in my body is gone. But for the time being, I can see things as they
do. The world is brighter. The colors I can see are vast–more than any human
brain can even begin to fathom. The first time I tried the Iter I wanted to cry
at the beauty that surrounded me. But of course I couldn’t. I have no control
of my body. I can do nothing but stare at the lovely room, and them.
room is a garden in a large greenhouse near campus. The grassy ground is the
most lovely shade of pure emerald green. I can see dew drops on the flower
petals that surround me. I lie on a bed of fresh, blood-red roses on a table in
the middle of the garden. The trees are of varying heights and colors. Pinks
and reds, shades that I dream about when I am not here. The night sky is a dark
purple, and the stars shine brighter than even the sun.
mirror on the ceiling shows me the scars on my pale skin. They are of varying
colors and age. The ones that mark my stomach are many sizes for different
organs. I watch as they place plates and trays around my body, filled with bloodied
meats and liquids. I am the main event tonight, the center of everyone’s
attention. Therefore, my table is the most exquisite. I watch as the masked
ones bring in the guests. They are the Elite, the powerful ones. They have paid
more money than I could ever accumulate in a lifetime to be here. They are here
to see me, to be able to be next to me. It is the highest honor to be the main
music starts as the Iter takes hold, and I become its puppet. I am surrounded
by a dozen of them. They are dressed in finery and expensive jewels. They
whisper excitedly as they take in the spread on of the table, and their eyes
rake over me hungrily. The chef welcomes them and introduces me: Elana Arravey,
20, of Norse descent. Diet: Sparkling water, strawberries, pineapples, and low
protein. The crowd applauds excitedly. The chef murmurs a few words in their
language, and then she cuts into me. Blood trickles down my chest as she cuts
open my skin. Servants catch my blood in champagne flutes, and pass it out to
the ravenous crowd. I feel the chef’s hand inside of my chest, as she reaches
inside me, through my sternum, and grabs my heart. I watch as she pulls it from
my chest. It pulses with life, blood squirting from the valves, painting the
chef’s pale, white hand like fondue. It’s beautiful. She places my heart in a
bidding starts at 1 million. I watch in the mirror as the heart is bid on by
the room. The pulsing never stops, filling the bowl with my blood. The crowd
grows frenzied as the bidding war continues. 2 million, 3, 4, 5 million. We are
down to three guests left bidding. 6, 7, 8 million. Two guests. 9, 9.5, 10
million. Going once, twice, three times, sold!
heart, sold for 10 million dollars. A hush goes over the room. It is rare that
a heart goes for 10 million dollars, but it is the first time this organ has
been touched. It is a trophy to take someone’s heart for the first time. The
one that gets to taste my heart comes to claim his prize. I wish I could see
him. I hear the crowd murmur their excitement as the chef takes the bowl from
the servers and places my heart on a silver platter. I can hear him lick his
lips as he reaches for my heart. I smile as he licks it, the blood dripping
from his mouth. Just a taste.
is over in mere seconds, as the chef whispers words in their language again and
places my heart back into my chest. She positions her fingers over my wound,
and my flesh magically closes. She motions for the servers to carry me away,
into the kitchens. I want to cry out because I know my time on the Iter is
coming to an end. My legs start to tingle as it wears off, and before I can ask
for more, my world goes dark.
awake in my bedroom, the alarm blaring like a foghorn. I open my eyes,
everything around me blurry from the sleep in my eyes. I sigh as I sit up
slowly and place my feet on the cold floor. My body is numb except for the dull
ache in my chest. I smile at the pain, and start the shower.

Secret of Souls
Age of Endings
Book 1
Aubrie Nixon

Genre: New Adult fantasy

Publisher: Winterwolf Press

Date of Publication: November 24, 2017

ISBN: 978-0988585157

Number of pages: 250
Word Count: 79,000

Cover Artist: Laura C. Cantu
and Andreea Vraciu

Book Description:

The Empire of Lucent has stood for centuries as a beacon of strength and light. But now an otherworldly realm has unleashed an army of nightmarish creatures upon the peaceful empire, spreading a lethal plague called The Decay which consumes its victims mercilessly from the inside out.

The king of the Empire of Lucent calls upon “Lady of Death” Zephera Travelle—an infamous assassin with a weakness for braided cinnamon bread and a striking aptitude for murder and mayhem. He sends her on an impossible quest to find the one person who can concoct a cure and save the realm from total annihilation.

Together with her best friend Zadkiel, mage extraordinaire Brenner, girly city-guard Oriana, and broody warrior Daegan, she embarks on a journey that will test her wits, will, and sanity. Along the way, she discovers that no one—and nothing—is as it seems, including herself.

About the Author:

Aubrie plays mom to the cutest demon topside. When she isn’t writing she is daydreaming about hot brooding anti-heroes and sassy heroines. She loves Dragon Age, Game of Thrones and reading all things fantasy. She runs a local YA/NA bookclub with 3 chapters, and over 200 members. If she could have dinner with anyone living or dead it would be Alan Rickman because his voice is the sexiest sound on earth. He could read the dictionary and she would be enthralled. Her current mission in life is to collect creepy taxidermy animals because she finds them cute and hilarious. She resides just outside of Washington DC.

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