Monday, October 23, 2017

CarpalAID hand patch

I have carpal tunnel in both hands. My right is a lot worse then my left hand. I have had one surgery on my right hand which backfired and has made things worse. I am waiting on a 2nd surgery date for right hand now. The patch did not help my right hand at all. I did contact the manufacturer and they told me that the patch would probably not help my right hand because from what I explained to them it sounded more like there is nerve damage instead of just Carpal Tunnel at this point.

My left hand is not near as bad as my right. I do have numbness and some pain in my left hand so I also tried in on that hand. I did notice that it seemed to relieve my left hand.

CarpalAID is a small plastic device that glues to the skin in the palm of your hand and helps relieve pain and numbness due to Carpal Tunnel. Just peel off the paper backing and stick it to the palm of the hand  along the line that goes from the wrist to in between the thumb and forefinger. There are 6 patches in the box and you can choose between large and small patches. I chose the small ones and they fit fine. The patch is non medicated. It is comfortable to wear. The glue on the path is very sticky. I washed my hands several times while wearing the patch and it did not come off.  The patch takes the place of large hand braces.. It is stiff and goes along the path of the nerve.

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I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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