Friday, October 27, 2017

Bluetooth Shower Speaker by AncordWorks

Really nice speaker. It is small only about 3 inches or so across. The speaker is waterproof, so it is great for taking in the shower or along on any outdoor adventure like camping, to the beach, on the boat, or anywhere.  The speaker is quite loud. It is also Bluetooth capable. It connected very easily and quickly to my phone and my laptop.

This comes with the speaker, the micro USB to USB charging cord, the wall charger plug, a carabiener, a suction cup, an 8 gig Tf memory card, and the coolest card adapter I have seen so far. The card slides into the adapter by the USB plug and plugs into any USB port to transfer your music, audio, books or other audio files. The files are simple to transfer just drag and drop. 

I have to small problems with this speaker. One there is no Auxillary port. Yes I can take the SD card from my MP3 and insert it into the speaker, but I would prefer an Aux port. Two: The door that closes over the power port and memory card slot is very hard to get closed. Once it is closed it its good but getting it to close was very hard. There is a small piece or the rubbery material that holds the door to the speaker, that is supposed to slid down in a slot and the door shuts, its really hard to get that little piece to go fully down into the slot though. It's not a huge problem if the speaker will never get wet, but having to fight with it every time you need to charge the speaker may get to the point I cut the little tab off. Other then those 2 little things I love my speaker.

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I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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