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Sworn to a Highland Laird by Sky Purington

Sworn to a Highland Laird
The MacLomain Series
A New Beginning
Book One
Sky Purington     

Genre:  Time-Travel Fantasy Romance

Date of Publication:  September 26, 2017


Number of pages:  275
Word Count:  86,500

Cover Artist:  Tara West

Book Description:

When Milly is hired by an anonymous client interested in selling his New Hampshire colonial, she’s drawn not only to his sexy brogue over the phone but to the house itself. Unfortunately, when she arrives, she finds the home abandoned and the man who contacted her non-existent. If that isn’t enough, the mystery only deepens when she discovers something in the attic she dreamt about as a child. A Claddagh ring that whisks her back in time to medieval Scotland.

Reborn into a new life, Laird Adlin MacLomain knows things are about to get complicated. Devoted to both William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, he and his clan are determined to fight in the First War of Scottish Independence. However, it will take more than brawn and battle skills to see their country through to freedom. It’s going to take help from the future. Specifically, from a lass named Milly.

When Adlin and Milly connect across time, enemies take notice. England becomes more of a threat as well as its unknown allies. After all, there’s power to be had in a Scottish Laird and a modern day woman finding each other…remembering one another. The life they once shared. The love that was theirs. More so, the strength and perseverance they were capable of together.

Will it be enough to fight all that’s coming their way? Find out in Sworn to a Highland Laird.

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Milly turned her
attention back to one of the most famous men in Scottish history. A man, as it
turns out, that kept looking at her with a great deal of interest. And not the
sort that said he was overly concerned about the battle, but more so how
attached her and Adlin might really be.
“Och, the things
ye never see coming,” Adlin muttered under his breath as he stood. “William, if
‘twould not be a bother, Mildred and I would like to take shelter soon and rest
for the eve.”
She frowned at
Adlin. “We would?”
“Aye.” He downed
the last of his whisky then held out his hand to her while he spoke to William
Wallace. “I’m sure you ken we’re weary. If you can spare a tent, I’ll do my own
hunting and see Mildred is well cared for.”
William’s brows
rose. “Do ye not mean ‘Milly’ then, Adlin?”
Mildred crossed
her arms over her chest, ignored Adlin’s hand and gave him an ‘at least he can
get my name right’ look.
Adlin’s jaw
clenched, and she swore she saw a teeny, tiny vein throb in his left temple as
he tried to play it cool. “Aye, Milly.” Though he seemed jovial enough, she
didn’t miss the challenge in his eyes when they met hers. “I grow weary and
must rest so that I can assist my countrymen on the morrow. Should I send Blair
or Aðísla to see you safely to sleep when you’re ready?”
Milly wanted to
smack him upside the head, but they both knew she was not going to let him
leave without her. It wasn’t that she felt unsafe with William, just she felt
safer with Adlin. She would love to stay here for hours and learn as much as
she could from William, maybe even enjoy the way he looked at her, but not
without Adlin. He was her safety net.
The only one she
trusted to get her home.
The only one she
suspected knew how.
Or so she kept
telling herself as she stood and smiled at William. “Thank you so much for…”
she shook her head and eyed the maps, then him. “For trusting me even if you
were trying to use me.”
“Och, lass, ‘tis
not as bad as that.” He stood so swiftly, his height so imposing, that she
nearly stumbled back had he not caught her. Milly’s mouth went dry as William’s
arm came around her lower back and he again brought the back of her hand to his
lips before his eyes dropped to her ring. “Might ye remember that ‘twas the gem
and ye that first caught my interest, Milly. Not what ye could tell me of the
“I know.” And
she did. “But I have to…”
Suddenly, though
he had simply rested his hand on the table, Milly felt Adlin all around her.
His varied but strong emotions. His humor at her gall. His jealousy at the look
of desire in William’s eyes. His anger that another man was laying a finger on
her. His inner wisdom as he tried to keep things in perspective and measure out
their situation in its entirety. 
When wind rushed
through the tent and maps scattered everywhere, she glanced over her shoulder
into his eyes and saw something profound. For a flicker of a moment, his eyes
shone bright blue, and she saw him. The real him. Who he was on the inside. A
man she had known so well.
A blink later,
however, he was gone.
Or was he?
“Might we be
given some shelter then, William?” Adlin said softly, his eyes never leaving
William remained
cordial and if she wasn’t mistaken, a bit flirtatious as he responded to Adlin
but kept his eyes on her. “Aye, of course. I’ll see Milly well cared for…” His
eyes drifted over her head to Adlin. “Both of ye that is.”
“Good then, my
friend.” Adlin nodded, took her hand and pulled her out of William’s arms.
“’Tis much appreciated.”
William’s eyes
lingered on her for a moment before he said, “Come along then,” and strode out
of the tent.

Milly narrowed
her eyes when the corner of Adlin’s mouth tilted up, he winked then pulled her
after him. Hell, he knew exactly what he was doing, and she would bet he could
anticipate and get his way every time no matter the circumstance. She almost
wondered as they followed William if he hadn’t somehow manipulated the
situation from the very moment they walked into William’s tent. Because wasn’t
she now willingly, for her own safety, agreeing to sleep in Adlin’s tent? 

About the Author:

Sky Purington is the bestselling author of over thirty novels and several novellas. A New Englander born and bred, Sky was raised hearing stories of folklore, myth and legend. When combined with a love for nature, romance and time-travel, elements from the stories of her youth found release in her books.

Purington loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at Interested in keeping up with Sky’s latest news and releases?

Visit Sky's website, to download her free App on iTunes and Android or sign up for her quarterly newsletter. Love social networking? Find Sky on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. Thanks for featuring Sworn to a Highland Laird! :-)

    Sky Purington

  2. Why would a Claddagh ring whisk you to Scotland? The Claddagh is from the area of the same name in the west of Ireland.