Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Repiel Perfect Fit Mask Moisturizing

I was thrilled to be chosen to try these PERFECT FIT MASK's . When the package arrived I washed my face and got down to business. There were 10 masks in the box, which really thrilled me. I love when a company wants you to try a product and gives you enough to make full judgement of the product.  Each mask is individually packaged in the box in an easy open foil packet. Just pull on the top of the package and it rips open. 

The mask is a very soft feeling cloth. It has lots of products on it. At first when I applied it to my face the product dripped into my eye and mouth. I had to take it back off and squeeze some of the product out. The product had a slightly slimy feel to it on my hand, but I didn't really notice it on my face. 

The mask has pre-cut eye, nose, and mouth holes already in it. Just press it onto your face and wait 15 to 20 minutes. I did notice a slight itchy feeling but I think that was just because of my face being wet for 20 minutes. When I took the mask off, there was a little redness on my cheeks and forehead area. I rinsed off the remaining product on my face and after a few minutes the redness went away. After my face dried for a bit I am very happy to say my face felt wonderful. It was very soft. 

I will be using the rest of the masks that came in my sample as well as purchasing more when I run out. Other then having a soft face I love the fact that these had very little scent to them. I always worry about a new product being overly scented or having weird chemically smells. These do not have either one. 

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