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Release Day Blitz Stella Maris by Marita A. Hansen

Legendary Rosaries
A. Hansen

Genre: YA Fantasy, PNR.

Date of Publication: September
29, 2017.

ISBN: 9781548606749

Number of pages: 320 pdf
Word Count: 117342

Cover Artist: We Got You Covered
Book Design.

Book Description:

At her first Confirmation lesson,
Catherine Lovich is given a beautiful rosary known as the Stella Maris. Unaware
of the danger attached to it, she accepts the gift, soon discovering that each
bead on the rosary holds a unique power, powers that only Merges can use.
Descended from angels and demons, Merges have the innate ability to manipulate
the elements as well as bring the past to the present through dreams.

After meeting Christopher Laboure
on her first day back at Agnaru High, Catherine learns that the arrogant but
heavenly-looking boy is a Merge—like herself. But unlike Catherine, Christopher
is a Seraph, a Merge who controls the fire beads.

When a heated kiss goes wrong,
Christopher finds out that Catherine is wearing the Stella Maris—the water
rosary his grandfather wants to destroy.

Along with its owner.

MARIS will transport you into a realm where nothing is what it seems and
everything holds hidden danger.

Excerpt 2

Catherine lowered her head to
look straight at him, her eyes completely blue, no pupils, only a sea of hate.
Then out of nowhere, wings of water shot out of her back. Both me and my father
gasped, what we were seeing only spoken of in myths and legends... ~Chris.


NATIONALITY: I am a New Zealander
with Croatian heritage.

SPORTS: As a teenager my
favourite sports were karate, badmington, and running. I also did unarmed
combat and played in a touch rugby team (my gym teacher made me do the last
one!) Now, I stick to coaching soccer and running. I have completed two
marathons, numerous half-marathons and one 30K run.

CAREER PATH: I started off as a
Graphic Designer, then went to Auckland University, where I got a BA degree in
Art History and Italian Studies and a post-graduate Honours degree in Art
History. I worked in the Art History field, then became a full-time artist,
doing commissions. I eventually lost all of my senses and gave it up to be a
writer :)

BAD HABITS: I'm a major
procrastinator, I stay up way too late writing, and I get distracted easily
unless it's doing something I love.

STATUS: Married to my high school
sweetheart (which he hates me calling him). We have two kids.


Interview with Marita A. Hansen
Where do you get inspiration for your stories?
For Stella Maris I got my inspiration from a Catholic school I went to. The school was called Star of the Sea (Stella Maris is its Latin form). It was a fantastic looking school, with such good memories, so much so that I wanted to write about it. But instead, the story blossomed into a supernatural tale of angels, demons, and magical rosaries.
For my other stories, I'm largely inspired by the people and places around me. I also get inspired by news articles, which influenced my Broken Lives series.
How did you do research for your book?
For Stella Maris, I already knew about the religion and mythology in my story, plus the time period, since I lived through it, so it didn't require a lot of research. Though, since it's set in 1989, I did have to double-check on the internet that I had the right dates.
Do you have another profession besides writing?
I was an artist for a number of years, but gave it up for writing. I also used to tutor art history, lecturing for a short time. But the latter wasn't for me, so I didn't continue with it.
If you could go back in time, where would you go?
I'm not sure, because I think I prefer this time. Though, I do get nostalgic for the 1980s, and I kind of like the 1960s. So... if I had to choose, I'd choose the 1960s. Great music, drive-in movies, a more innocent time...
What is your next project?
The fourth book in the Broken Lives series: Love Stoned. It's meant to be the final book, even though I wouldn't mind writing two more. But I have a number of other books planned for 2018, so I have to hold myself in check. Terra (The Legendary Rosaries #2) is due out after Love Stoned.

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