Friday, September 8, 2017

Pedi-Pamper Foot Peeling Home Kit

I am a true HillBilly!! I absolutely hate shoes!! The bottoms of my feet have more callouses then my husbands hands. My feet are always rough. No amount of lotion, soaking, or sanding make them soft.  I decided to give this Pedi-Pamper Foot Peeling Home Kit a shot. I have tried one other foot peel a few years ago and it was ok but not that great. This one has made a fan out of me.

This is not an instant fix. If you watch my video you will see it took 8 days for my feet to be great. The way it works is. You get a set of booties filled with product. You put the booties on your feet and wait about 60 to 70 minutes.  If you put socks on over the booties they will stay on better and it's not quite as hard to walk. After the time is up take the booties off and rinse off your feet. My tip for removal is to have a disposable plastic bag handy and step in the shower to take them off, so the liquid does not get all over the floor.  Once your feet are rinsed off wait about 2 to 3 days and the peeling will begin. To enhance the peeling soak your feet in warm water about 10 minutes. It will soften and loosen the peeling skin. I took a rough towel and rubbed my feet vigorously and it helped with the peeling.

The peeling will last about 5 days depending on how bad your feet are. The bottoms of my feet peeled off quickly within 2 days.  After your feet finish peeling moisturize them daily to keep your feet nice and soft.

These really work!! Watch my video and you will see a day to day update.

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