Friday, September 8, 2017

MEIGO USB C Cable USB 3.0 Type C and Micro USB 6.6ft (Rose Gold)

I got a new phone a few months ago. I switched from Samsung to LG. My old phone used the Micro USB cords. My new phones uses the Type C cords. I have tons of the micro USB cords laying around but only the Type C cord that came with my phone and a couple of other cheap ones I have picked up to be able to put in my car. The cord that came with my phone is only about 2 feet long so if my phone is on charge I am stuck where it is plugged into.

I ran across this cord and have really been wanting a 6 foot long cord. This cord is very nice. It is a stiffer cable. It is also bigger around then any of the other cords I have used. Both ends fit well into my charger and into my phone. I can now use my phone when it is charging and am not stuck bent over trying to talk and keep the phone plugged in at the same time. Four feet can really make the difference. This is a fast charging cable which I really like. It does charge my phone rather quickly compared to a regular cable. I honestly think it charges faster then the cord that came with my phone.

The cord also comes with a Type C to Micro adapter. I have seen and even have a few of the Micro to Type C adapters but have not seen a c to micro. This is perfect since my other devices like tablet and MP3 player still use the Micro. Instead of having multiple cords laying on my desk I can just slide the adapter on and charge my other devices.

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