Friday, September 8, 2017

4 PCS Gold Color Bezel Raw Natural Druzy Rock Crystal Quartz Stone Pendant Necklace

I love necklaces. I always have at least one one. I usually have one my husband or kids gave me with a shorter chain and then a longer one. I love natural stone necklaces. I really love healing and Chakra stones.

This set of 4 necklaces are made of real quartz. The colors are dyed, not natural to the quartz.  The colors are dark blue, light blue, purple, and pink. The stones are all uneven cut. Some are more circular, some are more oval. Some are thinner than others. There is a gold toned coating around the edge of each stone. The top side of the stone is naturally textured and the bottom side is pretty smooth. The stones are very lightweight and about the size of a US Quarter.

These pendants come on 30 inch long golden Brass satellite Chain. There is a gold toned ball about every inch on the chain. I love the long chain. I can wear one of these necklaces with my other special necklaces. With the 4 different necklaces I can match one with most of my outfits. These are pretty enough for wearing out on special occasions or just to work. With 4 necklaces you could also share. These would make a pretty gift.

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