Friday, August 18, 2017

V28 Women Girls Junior Pleated Tulle Tutu Ballet Midi Elastic Skater Dance Skirt

This is a very pretty long tutu. It has 5 layers of tulle and 1 layer of a soft lining.  I like that it is not see through and I do not have to add a slip underneath.  It comes mid calf on me and I am 5'6. The elastic waist band is covered in the same lining fabric as underneath the skirt.

The skirt is machine washable in cold or warm water. I chose cold water on the gentle cycle and hung it to dry. i did not notice any fading, color bleed, or shrinking after washing and drying the skirt.

Even with 6 layers of fabric being as 5 of the layers are tulle the skirt is not hot to wear. It is a bit heavier to me then most clothing and skirt I usually wear, but it really isn't heavy to the point of being uncomfortable. I do love the flow to it. It swings around nicely when I mean.

I chose the blue tutu but I loved that V28 offers 17 colors to choose from and 6 sizes. I chose my normal size and it fits great. The waist band is very stretchy and comfortable. But you should always read the sizing chart.There is a sizing chart listed though.

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