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Genre: ..paranormal romance, scifi romance, paranormal fantasy
Title: ..Simon Says
Series: ..Order of the Black Swan D.I.T. 1

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Book Length: … pages 170
Publisher: … dba 7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC

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Director Simon Tvelgar is haunted by love that was lost but never fades with time.
He thought she was gone forever, but what if...?
New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, introduces a new Black Swan series with this enchanting novella that will grab you by the heartstrings. 

"...a complex story that will have you rooting for the broken hero." - Amazon Reader

Rosie Storm is about to get the chance to head up a new Black Swan unit, D.I.T. The Department of Interdimensional Trespass.

Twenty years ago Sir Simon was a vampire hunter. He took three month's bereavement leave to go wild camping in the far north of Scotland following the death of his team leader. He expected solitude and fresh air to clear his mind and heart. He did not expect to fall in love. While wild camping on the stark landscape of the Orkney Islands, she disappeared into the standing stones. She faded into nothingness, a look of panic frozen on her face. As she reached out and silently called his name, he lunged to grab her an instant too late.

Her memory has haunted him every hour since.

Simon channeled his sorrow and loneliness into work until he eventually rose to the most powerful position ever held by an ex Black Swan knight. With tireless dedication, he built a congregation of talented misfits, watching and waiting for the one who could find Sorcha.
Find out why Black Swan has won best paranormal romance series the past four years in a row!


You’re a very good cook, Simon. Some woman is goin’ to be lucky to have you for a mate.”
I don’t know. I think perhaps on balance my less desirable qualities might outweigh my cooking skills.”
What are your less desirable qualities?” Simon opened his mouth to answer, but she changed her mind. “Ne’er mind. I do no’ want to know. For tonight I want to believe that you’re perfect. A god fallen to Earth from that star,” she looked up in the sky and pointed, “right there.”
Suit yourself,” he smiled.
How old are you?”
Twenty three. How old are you?”
Twenty nine. You seem much older. I would’ve guessed that you’re closer to my age.”
He smirked. “Vampire hunting ages a person.”
You’re stickin’ with that vampire huntin’ business, are you?”
That’s my story.” His casual nonchalance would never be taken as cover for the truth about his occupation.
She rolled her eyes. “How long are you on holiday?”
I’m not exactly on holiday. A friend died. He was a close friend, more like family really. So I’m out here to…”
Watching him struggle to find the right words, she offered, “Clear your head and free your heart?”
If Simon had spent a year contemplating how best to answer why he was there, he would not have been able to come up with a more perfect and concise description of his reasons. He didn’t answer, just reached over and pulled Sorcha close enough to him so that he could kiss her the way he’d been thinking all through dinner. With the firelight reflecting on her face, she had him believing that she was the goddess who likely fell to Earth from the brightest star in the heavens above.
It took little urging to get her to scoot closer a look of sensual anticipation on her face.
You done this before, human?”
Simon smiled sardonically. “Couple of times,” he said just before pressing a soft kiss to her mouth. When she deepened the kiss, with an unmistakable flavor of demand and insistence, he chuckled. He’d been thinking sweet and slow. She was apparently thinking eager and faster. He was just as cool with eager and faster. So he let her set the pace.
Flanked by the Atlantic to the west and North Sea to the east, the Orkneys enjoyed a surprisingly mild climate. At least that’s what the travel brochures say. But forties didn’t feel mild if a wet wind whipped up after the sun finally set and sleeping arrangements are outdoors on the ground.
It took a few minutes to figure out how to reconfigure the sleeping bag zippers so that they could take advantage of the combination of modern fiber technology and body heat.
How can it be so hard?” She laughed.
It’s like a puzzle,” he replied. “We’re both reasonably bright, well educated persons. We’ll figure it out. Just be patient.”
She growled. “I’m no’ feelin’ patient. I’m feelin’ eager.”

About the author:

New York Times Bestselling author, Victoria Danann, has won the prestigious Reviewers' Choice Award for BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES the past four years in a row! - REVIEWERS CHOICE AWARDS, The Paranormal Romance Guild
Knights of Black Swan - BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
Solomon's Sieve - BEST VAMPIRE NOVEL (2014)
In addition to the brave and beautiful vampire hunting knights, Victoria writes other paranormal romances that often touch on scifi/fantasy along with contemporary bikers for those who love it when the bad boys are soooooo good.
Victoria's signature humor ("Everybody was staring at me because I was on the subway in fits of laughter and couldn't stop!") creeps into each and every book whether she intends it or not. But the heart of Victoria's books is romance, the real kind that lasts and lingers like a charge in the air. Forever.
The rich characterizations and quirky personalities that readers so often comment about come from being a lifelong student of behavior - casually (love to people watch), and a serious student of behavior academically. She has also studied comparative religion, myths, and Dark Ages history.
Victoria lives in The Woodlands, Texas with her husband and a very smart, mostly black German Shepherd dog.
Knights of Black Swan 1. My Familiar Stranger
Knights of Black Swan 2, The Witch’s Dream 
Knights of Black Swan 3, A Summoner’s Tale
Knights of Black Swan 4, Moonlight
Knights of Black Swan 5, Gathering Storm
Knights of Black Swan 6, A Tale of Two Kingdoms
Knights of Black Swan 7, Solomon’s Sieve
Knights of Black Swan 8, Vampire Hunter
Knights of Black Swan 9, Journey Man 

KBS, Next Generation 1 FALCON 
KBS, Next Generation 2. JAX
KBS, Next Generation 3. BATISTE (Coming)

Order of the Black Swan D.I.T.
D.I.T. 1, Simon Says
D.I.T. 2, Finngarick
D.I.T. 3, Irish War Cry
D.I.T., 4 The Wild Hunt (Coming)

Order of the Black Swan Novels
Black Swan Novel, Prince of Demons
Black Swan Novel, Deliverance (Coming)
Black Swan Novel, Nightshade (Coming)

Exiled 1. CARNAL
Exiled 2. CRAVE
Exiled 3, CHARMING 

New Scotia Pack 1, Shield Wolf: Liulf
New Scotia Pack 2, Wolf Lover: Konochur
New Scotia Pack 3, Fire Wolf: Cinaed 
New Scotia Pack 4, Brandish (Coming)

The Witches of Wimberley 
Witches of Wimberley 1; Willem 
Witches of Wimberley 1; Wick (Coming) 
Witches of Wimberley 1; Wednesday (Coming)

Sons of Sanctuary MC, Book 1. Two Princes
Sons of Sanctuary MC, Book 2 The Biker’s Brother
Sons of Sanctuary MC, Book 3 Nomad
Sons of Sanctuary MC, Book 4 Devil’s Marker
Music Man Series, Book 1 Catcher (Coming)

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Victoria co-hosts the popular ROMANCE BETWEEN THE PAGES podcast which can be found on itunes or at → She and co-host, Riley J. Ford, interview the biggest names in romance every week. Ever wonder about the personalities behind your favorite books? Some of them just might surprise you with their interests, wit, lifestyles, and sense of humor.

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