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Release Day Blitz The Accalia by H.L. Girton with interview

The Accalia
The Accalia Series
Book 1
H.L. Girton

Genre: YA paranormal

Date of Publication: Aug 14th

Cover Artist: SK Designs

Tagline: The truth hurts more than secrets and lies

Book Description:

After traveling the country with her aunt, Genesis Berkley finally feels like she is home. Settling in Tillamook, Oregon, she begins a new life and everything seems to be going smoothly. That is, until she runs into a mysterious young man.

The feelings that he awakens are unsettling, and soon, her simple, peaceful world shatters. Lies and secrets are revealed, and danger lurks in every corner.

Now, Genesis must discover if she is strong enough to fulfill her destiny. Will she learn to accept the truth before it is too late.


Liam slid his
hand under the small of my back without breaking our connection. His arm
wrapped firmly around my waist supporting me slightly before he adjusted me to
fit underneath him. He pressed his hips into mine. All the tension that had built
up between us melted away as we lost ourselves in one another. We explored each
other in ways we had not yet dared. Everything until that moment had been
lustful, a tease in the hindsight of temptation.
We were more
than physical attraction, though our bodies burned and ached with desire to
appease the longing for one another’s touch. Somehow, in some way, the universe
had a hand in our destiny, pushing us together, encouraging our union. The
fight to stay away was lost with a single touch. The urgency to protect him
from himself was more damaging than giving in and fulfilling what was always
meant to be. We were and always would be stronger as one. It was why I would
always choose Liam.
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About the Author:

Heather Girton has been a creative writer since her childhood, writing creative stories and poems for the love of imagination and literacy. It started out as an outlet for personal struggles and a way to cope with them through fictional fantasy and turned into a passion and need to share her aspirations with the world. It wasn’t until 2013 that she decided to share her talent through fictional novels due to the encouragement from her family and friends.

Since graduating high school in 2006, Heather has spent the last eleven years being a dedicated mother and military spouse. In that time she nurtured a family of four children all while traveling the country following her husband’s career. She spent the last five years working towards her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Sociology. She has done volunteer work with grief support organizations gaining experience with her field of study.

Currently Heather lives in Texas with her husband, children, support dog, and lazy cat. She is an avid reader and loves it as much as she adores writing. She spends her free time sharing her devotion for it with her children. When she isn’t reading, writing or focusing on her family, Heather has a personal admiration for photography.

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Interview with H.L. Girton
Where do you get inspiration for your stories?
The first story I ever wrote, which has not yet been released, I got inspiration from, from a real life event that I experienced. It was a heartbreaking event that brought about an emotional change and created struggles that so many people experience. It provided me the motivation to write something that many can relate to. That story will release in the future as a standalone.
For the Accalia I got the idea and inspiration from it, because it is what I love. I enjoy paranormal romances and adventures. It allows the mind to create a world so different from the one we live in. I began to think, there are too many vampire stories and I had always been team wolf. But what sparked my interest even more with this story is the idea of mythology and nymphs. The whole world behind Greek mythology and what nymphs were to them sparked my interest. I took the idea of creating elemental nymphs and made that the foundation for this series.
How did you do research for your book?
Research is constantly being done. When I plotted The Accalia I wrote everything down in a journal. I have ideas, scribbles, character charts, etc. all laid out into this journal for my references. I wrote out ideas and thought that could become possibilities and then I further looked into the history of even the slightest details to make sure that it was possible. I did hours of internet surfing and research on mythology and even furthered the research with character names, giving each character a meaningful name depending on who they were and what they are meant to accomplish in this series. I am more than positive I spent more time researching than what it took for me to sit down at my computer and let the words flow onto the page.  
Do you have another profession besides writing?
I do not currently have another profession outside of writing. I am a full time mother to three beautiful children. They take up the majority of my time and attention. I love being fully active in the community with them. We are a very active family. My daughters are gymnasts, with my oldest being on the competitive levels. So, if you had to say I had another job it would be supporting and encouraging them to be the best that they can in what they love to do.
On a personal level I enjoy photography. I am a hobbyist photographer. I would not go to say I am a professional. I found a love for it around seven years ago after the passing of my son. It was a hard time and photography gave me a way to capture the love and life that still lived on in this beautiful world. It was healing.
If you could go back in time, where would you go?
Time is a funny little thing. There is so much that history holds that I would say I would love to experience. So much has happened in so many eras that have cause trials and tribulations. So many wondrous adventures to be had. If I had to absolutely choose one time to go back to, one major event that meant something to me, I would go back to the day my son was born. It may sound cliché and it’s not a publically known event or time, but for me it was the beginning of a time that changed me to be who I am today. It would give me that chance to relive a short moment of my life that was full of so much love and tragedy. To be able to see how precious that moment was and how it has not only touched my life but many lives around me. It’s miraculous. It’s a part of history and a part of me. That moment pushed me to love in a way I never dreamed possible. It made me cry and hurt in a way I never imagined I could. It motivated me to live and accomplish the things that I dreamed and longed for. It made me believe in my writing and that others could possibly love it as much as I did.
What is your next project?

My next project to be released is the sequel to The Accalia. I have a few books waiting in line for edits and publishing. They are written out ready to be perfected and released into the world. The Curse, Book Two in The Accalia series will take readers further into the world Genesis has found herself pulled into. It will make readers fall in love with the characters even more than what they had in book one. It will keep you guessing and make you excited for how the characters grow together and what their roles are. Their destiny begins to unfold in book two. It is just the beginning.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to spotlight me and share the news about the release of The Accalia! I enjoyed answering the interview questions. I hope that anyone who picks up the Accalia to read falls in love with it.