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Nikkie Pryce’s DREAMERS, TAKE ACTION! Blog Tour

Author: Nikkie Pryce
Publisher: Opportune Publishing
Pages: 118
Genre: Self-help / Self-improvement / Self-motivation

I remember going through
stages in my life where I had no money; I was broken in spirit and mind.

One day I realized in order
to make more money and live the life I wanted, I had to start with myself.

I started reading tons of
self-help books, prayed more and did affirmation exercises to lift my
self-esteem. It was time to see growth.

If you are ready to
challenge yourself and start seeing better results from your creative ideas,
then this book is for you.

Dreamers, Take Action! is an actionable blueprint for creating the life you

This book is equipped with steps and daily challenges that
I’ve taken to change a few needed things. 

I've joined new networks with successful people, I’m
finishing projects that I’ve started, and I am walking through open doors of
lucrative opportunities, all by following one simple step.

step is taking action.

Follow me into this journey
as I vulnerably explain the road I took to get to where I am.

Hopefully, you’ll be
inspired to work diligently to finish what you’ve started.

trust that you’re ready to take that leap of faith.



"Don’t give up. Finish what you've started."

That’s so hard to say, especially coming from a person like
me. I’ve rarely ever finished anything that I’ve pursued in my life.

However, this time it is different.

I finished this assignment to create a life for the both of
us. “Us” being the dreamers who have so much inside of our mind, body and soul,
but were barely taught to manifest it to completion.

On my journey of being a dreamer, I realized that one thing
was wrong: I was too busy dreaming, starting amazing ideas but not finishing
the things I dreamt about.

Today, I pass down what I've learned. I pass down what I’ve
encountered during this journey in hopes that you will use this book as a tool
to not make the same mistakes that I made. Instead, use it to learn and reroute
yourself onto the path to your success. I trust your ability just like I trust
mine. Take this journey with me and let’s conquer together. We owe it to
ourselves, and we only can imagine where it will take us.

The goal is to not get distracted for any reason. Focus on
your dream and vision 1000%. Most importantly, don’t give up. Finish what
you’ve started, just like I’ve finished this book! It took some time, prayer
and focus, but we are here.

Let me show you how I did it. After this, pay it forward.
Share your journey with all around you so each of us can learn from each other
and not make the same mistakes

Nikkie Pryce is focused on inspiring and motivating people
to put action behind their dreams.
Being in the media industry and working directly with the public,
she has experience pushing people past their own created limitations.

She has earned the title of "self-love influencer"
through her organization, The I AM Community.
The community is comprised of dreamers who encourage
self-love and self-awareness, starting with “I AM” affirmations.

What all started as a simple journey to finding her own
self-love became a phenomenon of connections and solid relationships.

A highly-recommended motivational speaker, Nikkie
speaks publicly at corporate conferences, non-profit organizations,
women’s retreats, youth girl groups, schools, and church functions.
Her latest book is the self-help, Dreamers, Take Action!



Interview with Nikkie Pryce:

How did you come up with name of this book?

The name of the book came from a period in my life where I struggled with taking action towards my dreams. I remember sitting in a mirror one day saying, “Dreamer, take action, DREAMER, TAKE ACTION!” That affirmation empowered me to move towards manifesting my dreams. Now, that I took that step of faith with taking action towards my dreams, I wanted to affirm others to start taking massive action towards their’s.

Do you read yourself and if so what is your favorite genre?

Absolutely. Reading is apart of my DNA. We fail when we stop reading and growing. My favorite genre has to be Non-fiction self-help, self-improvement genres. I am always into growing and improving daily.

Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise? Why?

It depends on my mood. Most times I write in silence because music distracts me from the thoughts that I am putting on paper. However, sometimes, I can grab my headphones and tune into my favorite motivational song and write away.

What do you feel you can accomplish with this book?

I feel I will accomplish ways to inspire millennials and all dreamers far and wide to go after their dreams. It’s so important that we don’t allow our dreams to die. It’s so important that we manifest our dreams. We are all creators and we have the ability and power to produce. It’s time to take action, dreamers!

What is your next project?

Potentially, turn my book into a documentary, or webseries. I believe there's a huge space for this project and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

For more information on Dreamer, Take Action! The blueprint to go from dreamer to doer visit and follow us on social media @DreamersTakeAction

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