Friday, August 18, 2017

Mr ROS Mens Daily Multivitamins Pack

My husband is a big believer in taking vitamins on a daily basis. He is 60 and has no health problems at all so I have to admit he may be right. Don't tell him I said that. Every Sunday evening he fills one of the pills boxes for the week with his different vitamins for the week. When I saw these Men's Daily multivitamin packs by Mr. ROS I figured we would give them a try. He can now have all of his vitamins and not have to go through dragging all the bottles out on the table and filling each day in his 7 day pill box. He can just pull out one of the packs every morning and be done with it.

Each packet comes with 3 capsules, 3 tablets, and 1 soft gel. These include multivitamins, mineral complexes, essential fatty acids and herbal extracts. With  full days supply of most nutrients needed to live a healthy life you will see benefits in energy levels, faster recovery from fatigue and stress, ensure healthy bones, eyes, relax your muscles, boost your metabolism, eliminate free radicals through potent antioxidant action, and a lot more.

My husband has been taking these about a week now. So far he has had no adverse reactions to any of the pills, and is enjoying not having to fill his weekly pill box. There is a 30 day supply, each is prepackaged, just pull out a packet, cut the top off and done.

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