Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Coin Lariat Long Necklace Star Pendant Choker by Caramella Bubble


I love jewelry. I am not crazy about the wild big bling but I do like the small pretty pieces. I am not am overstated or flashy person. I wear necklaces and earrings daily. I am lost without them. What I like about this necklace is it is everything I like and will go with any outfit. I can wear this out on a date with my husband to a nice restaurant or just to the movies.

The necklace is made out of copper with a silver plating. They also have a gold one, I personally prefer silver. This is a layered necklace. The choker at the top is 12.2 inches long with a 3 inch adjustable length chain.  It is formed together with metal sequins and in the center is a ring about the size of a dime with a star hanging from it. The longer chain is about 16 inches long with a 4 inch single chain hanging from it and 1 1/8 inch solid bard hanging from it. The longer chain is attached to the top sequin on both sides of the choker. The chains is thin but does not seem to be attached loose in any place. I did have a sight problem when I first put the necklace on the top sequin kept coming loose from the adjustable part of the chain. I pulled out my jeweler's pliers and squeezed it a bit and it has been fine since.

This was delivered in a small plastic zip top bag inside of a nice jewelry box which is nice enough to given a a gift.

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