Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Aqua Stone Long Tassel Pendant Women Y Chain Layering Necklace


I liked this necklace when I saw it online, now that I have it in my hand I love it. This beautiful necklace is great for just about any occasion. I can wear it out when I am going fancy or just hanging out.. Either way it will fit right in. This is a silver toned necklace made out of alloy. It has a Faux Druzy Stone in a light Aqua color. The stone is about the size of a dime, just a little smaller. The tassels are about 4 inches long hanging off the stone. The chain is about 30 inches long and has 3 inches of links to adjust it longer if you want.

I have to say this is a cheap necklace. It is not meant to wear all day everyday. If it was it would cost more. But to wear occasionally it is very beautiful and will go with a lot of different colored outfits. I would not recommend falling asleep with it on. I have had no problems with any of the links being loose or the tassels coming off or anything like that while I have been wearing it. It does seem to be pretty sturdy to wear.

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