Monday, July 10, 2017

Yestone C6 Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth Sports Wristband IP67 Waterproof

I have a very fast heart rate and my doctor wanted me to keep track of it. I have  blood pressure monitor that does show the heart rate like most of them do but it is very uncomfortable to be taking my BP a few times a day my arm gets sore. So i decided a fitness tracker would be the way to go. I have bought a couple of the cheaper versions and I just don't feel like I get an accurate reading. When this one arrived I used this fitness tracker to take my heart rate and then immediately used my BP monitor to get my heart rate. They were the same!! So yeas I am thrilled with this fitness tracker.

This tracker will do more then just give me my heart rate. It has a pedometer, a lap swimming mode, a clock, an alarm, a reminder, and more. There is also an app you download to help give you a record of your fitness training or your heart rate in my case.  The fitness tracker is bluetooth enabled so you don't have to hook it to your phone or computer to transfer the data, just sync them and go.  The tracker has a rechargeable battery in it and comes with the charger. I charged mine fully and so far it has been 3 days since I charged it and it is still running fine.  The band oon ti is very soft and comfortable to wear. You do not need to have it really tight in order for it to work.

Yes I am very happy with this fitness tracker. I am so glad I found one that works without having to spend a ton of money. Oh and I love the purple band I chose.

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