Friday, July 7, 2017

Willy Smart Bag Sealer, Heat Sealer

#Newgenerationbagsealer is small, rechargeable, and really works.  See it in action in the above video. This is actually very easy to use. You will have to learn at first how slow or fast you can go depending on the bag you use. Thin bags do not take as long as potato ship, cereal, or candy bags. The thicker the plastic the slower you will need to go in order to fully seal the bag. The seal is a good seal. In my video I actually tore the candy bag without breaking the seal.

This comes with a micro USB charge cable. You can plug it into a wall charger or any other charging USB port. It takes about 45 minutes to give it a full charge. Once charged there is a slide switch inside you push it from lock to seal, hold it onto the bag for about 3 seconds to warm it up then slowly move it across the bag to seal.

This is great in the kitchen but I will be taking it with me on long trips. We usually take pretzels with us to snack on on car rides. I will be able to reseal the bag while in the car and won't have to worry about taking a zipper bag or them getting spilled, or them going stale.

There is also a magnet on the bottom of the sealer so you can hang it in easy reach.

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