Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pocket Hose Top Brass Bullet

I live in Florida, I love plants, and I have many on my front porch, so a great water hose is very important to me. The problem with a lot the old rubber water hoses are large and bulky. My front porch is about 40 feet long so I need a 50 foot hose. To wind a 50 foot rubber hose leaves a huge stack, and it is very heavy. I have tried a few of the different brands of pocket type hoses but they do not last for long, they tend to break around the connectors.  This pocket hose seems to have solved my water hose problems.

This hose shrinks back very small when the water has been drained from it. Pocket hoses should never be left with water in them or the water running. This hose has great protectors at the ends of the hose, none I have tried have this until now.

This hose comes with a great hose end. It is adjustable and does not need the gun style. I get better control of how much water comes out of this hose then I have ever had with any of the gun style sprayer. Some of my plants are very tender and need a gentle spray this hose end is perfect, no more broken plants and no more having to water then with a bucket. The hose end does easily screw off if you want to hook it to a different sprayer or even a sprinkler.

This hose also has one of the best hose covers I have seen. Most just have a thin material sleeve down them, this one is corded, they call it a bullet shell, and for good reason. it seems to be a lot tougher and more protective then the other thin materials I have seen or used.

The brass connectors on the end of the hose are thick, strong, and very durable. A lot of water hoses of any type if you were to step on them they would collapse and the hose would be useless. Not this one. It can stand up pressure without collapsing. The hose is also tangle and kink resistant. The pressure of the water keeps the hose from kinking up.

This hose so far has done exactly as the manufacturer has promised. I am very happy with it.

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