Thursday, July 20, 2017

#Natrogix Thyroid Support Formula (60 Capsules)

My Daughter at the age of 14 had an egg sized tumor that wrapped itself around the right half of her thyroid. The doctors had to surgically remove the tumor but with it being so wrapped around the thyroid they had to take the whole right half. They also decided with her age and because they left half of the thyroid they did not want to put her on meds. Now she is an adult and the half of her thyroid does not seem to be doing enough on its own, her levels are messed up when she has blood work but the Doctors still do not want to put her on meds since the levels can be hypo one time and hyper another. Her doctor has told her to take Thyroid Support meds. She has tried many different brands over the years. Some have seemed to help others not so much. We have yet to see how well these will work since she needs to take them for at least a couple months to get the full benefits. We do have to say these are very easy to swallow, there is no smell, taste, or after taste with these pills. She does not get any stomach upset or anything. She takes 2 pills in the morning and goes on about her life.  These pills also help with her mood swings, which is a thyroid issue. She is quite happy with these pills. there is a months supply of 60 pills in this bottle. The lid is not childproof so make sure to keep them away from children.


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