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Mouth Watering by LP Maxa with interview

Mouth Watering
St Leasing
Book One
LP Maxa

Genre: Romance

Book Description:

Corey Cooper, the new guidance counselor at all boys prep school, St. Leasing, discovers nothing is what it seems, especially the mouthwatering coach, Dominic Hardy.


Looking to change her life, Corey Cooper moves across the country to a remote town in Colorado to become the new guidance counselor at St. Leasing, a prestigious all boys prep school. But soon she learns her attraction to the gorgeous head coach, Dominic Hardy, is more than the usual chemistry, and that her students are more than the typical randy teenage boys.


Dominic Hardy loves his life at St. Leasing. As head coach, he's fulfilled by his career, and in the small Colorado town outside the school's gates he has all the entertainment a man could desire. No complications, no attachments, life was good. Then Corey Cooper comes to St. Leasing and Dominic's instincts kick in - she is his, and that's for life. Throw in a troubled teen, a tyrannical parent, and a mysterious disappearance, and all of a sudden everything at St. Leasing has become a matter of life or death for his kind.


His truck pulled in behind her SUV in the driveway and he was out of his vehicle opening her car door before she’d even turned off her engine. Eager, wasn’t he? He held his arm out, and she smiled as she hooked her hand around his large bicep. “How chivalrous Coach Hardy.”

“I try.”

When they reached the front porch she turned toward him with what she hoped was her sultriest grin, kind of innocent with a hint of fire. “Thanks for everything today, Dominic. The directions. The drinks. The companionship. I’m so glad that you were the first person I met here.” He hadn’t seemed to like the word friend when she’d used it back at the bar, and she’d bet the word companionship was setting his teeth on edge right about now.

“Seems like I was at the right place at the right time. It was a pleasure meeting you Corey Cooper.” He leaned in with his whole body, but went for her cheek instead of her lips.

“Mmmm, you smell amazing.” She all but purred. She was playing the game, but in truth he really did smell fantastic. “What kind of cologne are you wearing?”

He moved away a fraction of an inch and kissed her other cheek softly. “I’m not wearing any cologne. But I’m glad you think I smell good considering I didn’t have time to shower after practice.”

She laughed, “Really? You smell mouthwatering, like all my favorite scents rolled into one. I noticed it earlier today. I smelled you before you even said a word to me.” And she had, it was like he had filled the air before she’d known he was behind her.

His body was close to hers, but still not touching. Corey knew what his game was, leaving it up to her, letting her make the first move. Did he think he was clever? A visionary? And hardly the first guy to use that tactic. But okay Dominic Hardy, you win this one. When he went to pull away again, she grabbed his shirt in her hands and fused their mouths together. She felt herself immediately melt into him. The kiss was the most perfect first kiss she’d ever had.

His lips were soft but demanding and when he fisted his hands in her hair, tugging lightly, she gave in. She opened for him and let his tongue invade her mouth. God this was amazing. A perfect kiss mixed with his yummy scent, she could hardly stand it. Yeah, life at St. Leasing was well on its way to wonderful.

About the Author:

L.P. Maxa lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, daughter, 3 rescue dogs, 1 cat - the fish died - and one bunny who doesn't seem to like them. She loves reading romance novels as much as she love writing them. She says, inspiration can come from anywhere: a song lyric, a quote, a weekend with friends. The tiniest things can spark amazing stories. She loves to hear from readers.

Interview with LP Maxa
Where do you get inspiration for your stories?
Everywhere. Song lyrics, dreams, movies, conversations I’ve had with friends. Inspiration comes to me all day, every day. I have a green notebook that I try to keep with me. If I hear a song that speaks to me, I write it down. And then I’ll go back and listen to it over and over. Music evokes so many emotions. I can hear a song and it will literally transport me back in time. I talked about Eric Church’s song Springsteen with my reader group the other day. That song is pure nostalgia for me. I hear it and I can’t help but think of my high school sweetheart. The words, the melody. That one just gets me in the feels.
How did you do research for your book?
I looked at a map of Colorado. J/k. Mouth Watering was basically my imagination running wild. I happen to know a fair amount about baseball in general, so I didn’t have to do too much research there.
Do you have another profession besides writing?
I was a dental assistant for eleven years. I recently quit to write full time, which is a dream come true. I’m a mom, that’s a full-time job in itself. My husband owns his own landscape/construction company, so I help him out a few hours a week. I’m horrible at math, but I’m the cheapest bookkeeper he’s going to find. I have a lot of things to keep me busy these days.
If you could go back in time, where would you go?
The late fifties and early sixties. I grew up listening to oldies with my grandparents, and that music just makes me happy. I’d also be okay hanging out in the late seventies. I love classic rock. I’d would have been Penny Lane from Almost Famous, traveling the United States with a singer who looked like Billy Crudup (Russell Hammond). Count me in, other than the Quaaludes incident.
What is your next project?

Finish St. Leasing. This series is my first baby and I can’t wait until all these boys get their happily-ever-afters. Some of them have been waiting a long time to fall in love.

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