Friday, July 7, 2017

HSI Glider Ceramic Flat Iron

Can you tell which side I used this hair straightener on in the picture? Straightening my hair probably added 4 inches or so to the length of my hair. I have always battled frizzy curly hair. This Glider straightener from HSI was very quick to heat up and really did not take that long to get all the kinks out of my hair. It took out all of the curls and I do have ringlets. I have one of the straightener brushes and all though it works pretty good, it does not make my hair totally straight.

The flat iron comes with the iron, a padded storage bag, a heat protecting glove, and a couple packets of the best smelling Argon Oil Leave in Hair Treatment. I have used other heated hair items and treatments. I really love the HSI products. All of their leave in hair products smell amazing and really do wonders for my hair. The hot irons are awesome as well. The other one I have had for almost 2 year and it still works perfectly.

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