Monday, July 3, 2017

Government 2.0 by Joseph Gorski


Genre: economics, government

Publisher: BookVenture Publishing

Date of Publication: February


Number of pages: 82
Word Count:  22581

Book Description:

Government 2.0 explains in
non-technical language how the banking system works, the media, the medical
establishment and the government work against the common person. It explains
how this model is falling apart.

The changing attitudes of people
toward those in power, and the new technology which is helping to empower
people is discussed and explained. There is real hope that power of the people
will overtake the power of the elites.

It is important that the people
understand this and embrace this change and don’t let themselves believe the
fear mongering of the elites.



US government power was possibly
at an all-time high in the decade or so following the 9/11/01 attacks. Recently
some cracks in the armor are forming. Some on the left and right side of the
political spectrum are beginning to join forces and question this consolidation
of power and abuse of power in Washington, D.C.

the Author:

Joseph Gorski, the author of
Government 2.0, has followed a less than typical path over his last 35 years of
life in the USA. It started with a deep spiritual journey in 1982 which
continues to this day. It leads to rejecting the established religions and
political parties of the world without rejecting their core teachings of love,
tolerance, and respect of our fellow human. This took him away from a normal
career path, living in a city at times and in the country at times. Joseph came
to believe that there is a central power in the universe that some people call
God, source energy, or by many other names.

Joseph graduated with a business
administration BA degree from Rutgers-Newark College of Arts and Science in

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