Thursday, July 20, 2017

FREEWISE Personal Fan Battery Operated (Pink)

This is one awesome personal fan. I live in Florida it is pretty much hot year round. I love going places and doing things outside but with the heat especially in July and August it is just to hot to go outside to even check the mail. This personal fan will let me go and do more.

It is very lightweight, it weighs next to nothing. It has a rechargeable battery, you take the battery out and charge it or plug it into any charger with the included micro USB wire. It has 3 speeds, high medium, and low, even low puts out a lot of air. It is pretty quiet, on low you can hardly hear it running. In total it is about 8 1/2 inches high and at the widest point of the fan t is 4 inches wide. You can use the fan while it is plugged in, I have using it on my desk and I love it.

I am going going on vacation with my Daughter and Grand Kids this weekend and will be taking it with me. We will be staying in a  cabin with no fans and I cannot sleep without a fan so will be setting it on the bedside table at night. Then when we are out exploring and I get hot I can pull it out of my bag and cool off.

This fan will come in handy in so many ways for me, I am thrilled with it.  it comes with everything, you get a base to stand it up in, there is a micro USB cord for charging, there is a removeable wrist strap, and then the fan itself.

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