Monday, July 10, 2017

Freewise Mini Power bank 10000mAh

Powerful 3x3 power bank. Has 2 charging ports and a flashlight. with the 100000 MaH battery you can charge 2 devices at once. Come with charging cable.  As you can see in my video I hooked it up to my tablet and it charged it with no problems at all. I really like the size and weight of this power bank. I have a couple of others that are very large and very heavy but do not have near the battery power. This one I can take with me on day trips with my husband and do not get worn out lugging it around. With the 10000 MaH battery I can fully charge my phone 2 1/2 times before I need to charge it. It will also charge other devices and if you use a different cord then the micro USB you can change it out. I personally use the type C for my phone. I can either use  different cord or add an adapter to the provided cable. The cable that comes with the power bank is about 10 inches. 

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