Monday, June 12, 2017

Yestone Collapsible foldable Silicone Water Bottle 17 Oz

I love my new water bottle. I froze the bottle about 1/2 full of water then added cold water to it and took it to a child's birthday party yesterday. The bottle held up great even when it was knocked over a couple of times. I noticed no leaking either. I love that it has an attached carabiner to it. My husband and I walk in the evenings and carrying a water bottle is not always fun. They tend to get heavy and my hand is always full. With this super light weight bottle I can carry it or clip it to a belt loop. I love how easy it was to clean, I personally hand washed it. I like that there is a band attached for rolling it up and making storage space very minimal, not that I will be storing it often. My husband wants one now too.

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