Friday, June 23, 2017

Simply Essentials BEST TWEEZERS SET FOR INGROWN HAIR Includes CASE and Ebook

My husband is the lead int he maintenance department at the plant he works for.  They build the huge walk in freezers you see in restaurants, on ships and at theme parks. These are partially made of steel. There are tine shards of steel everywhere at the plant and he is climbing in and out of the machines daily. He comes home with steel splinters in his hands and other parts of his body from climbing arun in the machinery. Having a great pair of tweezers is a must have to get the splinters out. Flat eyebrow type tweezers are useless. I am so happy to have this set of tweezers. These have long needle type points at the end so we can actually get to the splinter without having to damage or cut into the skin. I feel that these tweezers are a safer way to remove the splinter. These are also great for ingrown hairs. They are made of stainless steel. They are very light weight and flexible enough to get a good pinch on the splinter or hair.

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