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Interview and Giveaway Ancient Heat by Kira Shayde

Ancient Heat
The Followers
Book One
Kira Shayde

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Kira Shayde

Date of Publication: June 10, 2017

ISBN:  978-0-9990183-0-9

Number of pages:       379
Word Count: 94,400

Cover Artist: Kira Shayde

Tagline: When evil follows, the brave can no longer run and hide.

Book Description:

Her mind is in another woman’s body…and the other woman is a werelion.

Nicole Abramson gains more than razor-sharp claws and a taste for raw meat. With a latent telekinetic talent, she’s a weapon to be used in a millennia-long war, but will she serve or resist? Fighting for her life, Nicole rails against the thief who stole her ordinary and safe life, even as she seeks comfort from the woman’s intended mate, the gorgeous Sander Evans.

Although drawn to her outspokenness, Sander keeps Nicole at bay while he defends his clan. Werelions and humans don’t mix, yet he can’t deny the passion igniting between them, particularly with her body in heat. But as the danger around them amplifies, they’ll need more than courage and strength to fight for their newfound attraction—and their lives.

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Sander eyed the
irate woman standing before him. From the moment she arrived, she’d baffled and
frustrated him. Gone was his reserved and polished intended. In her place stood
a creature who screamed, pouted, grimaced, slapped his sister, and nearly
destroyed his brother-in-law’s procreativity. She was brash and out of control.
An evolutionary step backward.
He’d never been
close to a human. His kind blended in with their kind, worked alongside them,
but remained insular. Safe. Hidden. Occasionally studying them from afar. Never
interacting beyond a polite nod or greeting.
Why would
Marseille switch with a human? To punish him? Humiliate him?
He’d find out
why and promise to be more attentive. He had no intention of meeting new
potentials. He’d chosen her. Marseille Renaud.
She was strong
and graceful. And useful.
He clenched his
jaw. Damn it, his intended wasn’t a mere tool. She deserved more respect than
that. More than a vision of beauty, Marsi saved their hides during the last
Follower attack. His clan needed her. Although her talent wasn’t the reason he
chose Marseille, he’d be a fool to let her go now.
Was his sister
right? Was the switch a mere ploy, a demand for more control?
“Let’s go,
everyone,” he said, forcing the what-ifs from his mind. “I want to get to
Nicole’s home by this afternoon.”
The woman in
question stared at him. “Exactly where are we?”
Outside Minneapolis.”
That seemed to
relax her somewhat. He guided her to the foyer where they nearly collided with
his brother, who’d raced down the stairs with a backpack slung over his
“Gotta bring my
books along so I can study on the ride.” Tyran tore into the hallway ahead of
“He’s a college
student.” Sander ushered Nicole into the utility room and opened the door to
the garage. “Makes sense since he’s one of the healers for our clan.”
“Uh-huh.” She
jerked to the side as Calia sashayed past on her way out of the house. “Is a
clan like a pride?”
“No, a related
group of families. Because our numbers are few, matings are arranged between
clans. Once I met Marseille, I didn’t bother with meeting any remaining
And now
Marseille was gone. Except she wasn’t. She watched him with big dark eyes, her
luscious mouth slightly puckered in contemplation. Devastating even in the
shapeless sweater the human woman had selected to wear, something obviously
dragged from the back of the closet. He’d never seen it before.
She tilted her
head, and her long black hair draped over her shoulder. Hair he loved to twist
in his hands as she lay beneath him.
“So what’s your
talent?” she asked.
“What?” He shook
off the sensual vision. “Um, my physical strength and power.”
“I’m the most
feline of us,” Calia boasted, her hand on the door of a dark sedan.
“Exceptional jumper and climber, and I always land on my feet.”
Sander leaned in
close to Nicole. “Within reason. I wouldn’t throw her out a ten-story window,
although sometimes I’d like to.”

His sister
glared. “I heard that.”

About the Author:

As a paranormal romance writer, Kira Shayde explores somewhat atypical pairings and settings and can’t help adding a twinge of societal awareness to her works, but the focus is always on the developing romance, passion, and happy endings.

Kira enjoys studying love, sex, and relationships, and has a thing for shapeshifters, demons, mythological gods, and the fae. On a personal level, she is devoted to animal and ecological conservation…and devil's food cake.

Interview with Kira Shayde
Where do you get inspiration for your stories? My dreams. I know it sounds cliché, but I have vivid, lucid dreams. I love sleeping because I get to dream. Also, I’m a serious daydreamer, which unfortunately means I lose focus. My husband knows all too well that most of what he says to me vanishes into thin air because I’m off in some other world.
How did you do research for your book? When I see something in my head—a place, for example—I search for the place (or a similar place) on the internet. The characteristics I read online are woven into the narrative. For Ancient Heat, when I pictured the cabin that the hero and his family own in northern Minnesota, I looked up real estate listings for cabins in northern Minnesota. Same thing with personal characters or accents. The internet is my friend.
Do you have another profession besides writing? I’m a web designer and WordPress developer as my day job.
If you could go back in time, where would you go? I would love to see dinosaurs, but safely somehow. I’d also like to go back to when I was a young teen and tell my mother that I really should have braces to fix my cross-bite.

What is your next project? I’m working on the follow-up book to Ancient Heat, which introduces falcon shifters and reunites the reader with werelions from the first book. The falcons and the lions must put aside their differences and work together to defeat a common enemy…and a particular falcon and lion really learn to put aside their differences. I’m also working on the third novella in my Primal Shifters series set in Africa with lion and hyena shifters at war.
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