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book blitz for Little Miss Tress by Tressa Rabbit

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This is my stop during the book blitz for Little Miss Tress by Tressa Rabbit. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 4 till 10 June. See the tour schedule here.

Little Miss TressLittle Miss Tress (Daddy and Me series #1)

By Tressa Rabbit

Genre: Erotica/ contemporary/ quirky/ kinky romance

Age category: Adult

Publisher: Smoke and Mirrors Ink

Release Date: 10 June, 2017


Little Miss Tress: Diary of a Submissive Switch

It all began with this personal ad: “Dominant woman seeks submissive, ‘not whiny,’ male submissive.” The rules were simple. She would earn his trust and he would submit completely—his mind, body and soul—to her every fantasy. He called it a “normal fetish.” She laughed, because she knew better. She also knew to go slow. They would of course have all the time in the world to discover endless moments of pleasure and pain. Normal? Most certainly not. He would learn. She would be sure of it.

She told him to pull out a marker. What she didn’t anticipate was August Sundry pulling out a few tricks of his own. And so, after a failed attempt at “love” with submissive August, Tress Rabbit has come to accept that both her Master and her own dominant side are forever lost. And so, it begins again with another ad. But Tress isn’t the kind of girl to give up so easily. This time, she will seek a man with whom she can explore the best of both worlds.

It begins with another ad, for a ‘forever Daddy.’ The deal is simple. He will earn her trust and she will submit completely—her mind, body and soul—to his every fantasy. He promised to be gentle. He said he wasn’t sure he knew what he was doing. She giggled, because she could see it in him; the Daddy Dom. She agreed to be patient, but failed miserably. After all, it’s hard for little girls to sit still for forty-seven minutes, let alone a lifetime. But she’d try: For her happy ending. For Daddy.

Little Miss Tress is a (mostly) true to life, living document capturing an age play relationship from its first encounter through to total submission. It offers readers a rare glimpse into the dynamic of a Daddy Dom/little girl relationship – giving insight into what drives age- play preferences and needs. Written entirely uncensored, Little Miss Tress and the "Daddy & Me" series turns on both the sugar and the spice.

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Excerpt #2: 
I pull into the Vermont State Men’s House of Corrections parking lot. I don’t pay attention to signs that tell me where to park and rules of what is and isn’t allowed in the visitors’ waiting area. I’m here every week, mostly for supervised visitations between children and their incarcerated fathers. The barbed wire around the building reminds me to take the myriad of sterling and white gold bracelets off my wrist. I place them, along with my lucky turquoise ring, into the center console. I don’t bother to look in the rearview mirror. I’m not here to impress anyone. I’m here to take a punishment, with no complaints, and no whining, just like I’ll one day ask of August.
August asked, how will I punish myself? I texted, NYOB. Not a sub’s area. Of course, it’s not a sub’s concern, how a dominant corrects his or her own mistakes. But the truth is more than that. I knew I couldn’t tell August my plan because he would try to stop me. This is where August is green and doesn’t know enough to understand what I need to do. This is where I protect him; us. This is how I’ll be able to drop my insecurities and go about keeping my promise to him.
It’s not visiting normal visiting hours. They ended an hour ago. Yet, guards remain behind plexi- glass; scanning cameras and talking New Year’s Eve plans. I ask to see Duke, a man who spit in my face only a day ago. A man I allowed to humiliate me in public because I had to, because I’d helped put him away for abusing his teenage daughter. Bob, a corrections officer I recognize from a particularly memorable visit two years’ prior, greets me.
“Tress! How have you been?”
“I’ve had better days, Bob.”
“Oh? I’m sorry to hear that. How were your holidays?”
“Fine Bob. And yours?”
Twenty minutes of chit chat, begging the kind I’d never want August to know about, and a few professional, well, favors—not sexual—later and I’m sitting face to face across from Duke. He has no handcuffs. At any moment, I know, he could leap over the plastic chairs and choke me. My stomach is in my throat.
“…the fuck do you want? Happy now?” he growls.
“I want you to spit in my face. Again. Like yesterday.”
He smiles.
I feel sick.
“I want you to spit in my face. Like yesterday.” I repeat myself in a firm, strong whisper.
“You want me to what? Are you serious?”
“Listen you fucking pussy. I told you what I wanted. You know you want to do it, so do it.”
“Is this a trick? I’m not going to segregation for you,” he says.
I’d feared this. I remind myself that I’m no one’s sub. I remind myself that I’m in control, despite being afraid, despite being unsure. I repeat, over and over: Calm. Gentle. Control.
His hands form tight balls and I tell myself not to flinch. If he hits me, I’ll just delay August. If he hits me, he gets more time—something his daughter won’t mind—and I get exactly what I deserve. And never, ever, will I be able to forget what dominance and guts are.
He doesn’t hit me.
It takes me ten minutes of goading, insults, and even mocking him to get what I came for.
He spits. Right in my face.
I let it run down my cheek. I don’t look away. I take it.
He looks around. But shakes his head, staring at the plastic tables.
I rise, wiping it with the back of my palm.
Never, again. For you, August.

Little Miss Tress Teaser

Little Miss Tress Teaser

Tressa RabbitAbout the Author:

Tressa Rabbit is a freelance writer with a taste for all things sugar and spice. She’s been published in numerous erotic anthologies, including “Penthouse Forums.” Little Miss Tress is her first full erotic age play BDSM novel. She is currently working on the last book in the “Daddy & Me” series, Mrs. Daddy. She is also author to several mainstream, vanilla novels under a different pen name.

A self-defined little brat and submissive switch, Tress is always open to new experiences and challenges in D/s power play relationships. She always kisses and tells. For now, when not occupied teasing Daddy, she’s busy thinking up ways to glitter bomb him and get his attention. She often still keeps him up all hours of the night. Usually, it works.

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