Monday, June 12, 2017

AUDBOS Double Driver In-ear Deep Bass Noise Isolating |Earbuds with Mic and Remote

Really great set of earbuds, I love that these come with a storage case and 3 sizes of earbud covers. The covers are very soft and do not bother my ears. The case is a zippered case to keep everything inside safe and sound. I can even put my small Sandisk MP3 player in the case. This is great when I am on the go, it fits nicely into my purse.

I listen to my MP3 player or watch videos online a lot while my husband is watching stuff on TV that I am not interested in. These are noise isolating so the TV isn't over powering, as a matter of fact I usually don't hear the TV at all. My husband also listens to audiobooks while in the car, I am not into to Sci-Fi at all he loves it so I usually put my headphones in and listen to my own books or music while riding. These are great I don't have to hear his stories.

These also work great with my phone. I can hear the person I am talking to very well and through the built in mic they can hear me as well.

The sound quality is great and crystal clear. I really love these headphones.

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