Wednesday, June 28, 2017

6 Pack Laundry Bag Delicates Mesh Wash Bag from Geberiela

I love this set of Laundry Bags. Lingerie is expensive and I hate to ruin it in the laundry. I also hate trying to hand wash it and get it clean enough. I live in Florida and sweat year round, so I don't feel like my bras and panties get clean enough swishing them around in a sink of water. I love these Laundry bags. There are 6 bags in the set 3 medium sized and 3 small sized. There are 2 of each size in white and 1 black. These bags are made of a soft mess and have a zipper at the top. The zipper does not come in contact with your clothing at all inside the bag. There is no sharp or pokey edges to hang and pull on even the finest of lingerie. I can put my lingerie inside, toss it int he washer with the rest of my laundry and do not have to worry about it. These bags will save me money and time.

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