Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Techno Single Torch Slant Jet Flame Windproof Color Lighter

  Very nice and easy to use torch. Mine came with enough lighter fluid in it test but you will need to fill it yourself. It does not come with a bottle of light fluid. The shape of this torch is very comfortable in my smaller hand and my husbands larger hand as well. I love the turquoise color. It is very bright and easy to spot on my messy candle shop counter.  I love that it has a lock on it so when I am not using it I can pull the slide over to the locking position and if one of the kids get around it they cannot burn themselves. It also has a slide for flame adjustment. I make candles and some of the work I do calls for a fine tipped torch flame to add beads or other decorations to the candle. This small torch works perfectly for me.

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