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Sonnet Coupled by Roxanne D. Howard

Sonnet Coupled
Roxanne D. Howard

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Multicultural, Interracial

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Date of Publication: April 25, 2017

Number of pages: 227
Word Count: 65,864

Cover Artist: Boroughs Publishing Group


ER nurse Sonnet Mendoza's new housemate Griffith Parker proves there is more to a man than meets the eye, and shows her there's more to life than just her career.

Book Description:
Sheltered and cosseted, Sonnet Mendoza abided by her papi’s wishes her whole life: no boys, studies first and always. Now an ER nurse in a busy Chicago hospital, medical school is so close Sonnet can taste it—just like her father always wanted. Just like she can she can taste all the things she wants, like Griffith Parker, the man of her dreams and her new housemate.

Working “graves” in a large hospital as a security guard while attending the police academy during the day doesn’t leave ex-Marine Griffith Parker any personal time, but after meeting the beautiful Sonnet Mendoza business as usual is anything but. Sassy, smart…and interested in him, too? Except, she’s made an art of keeping her distance, and she's been clear that her plans don't include him. But the heart wants what the heart wants. His wants Sonnet. He’ll put it on the line to win her.

2 (NSFW)
put water in the K-Carafe and listened to the hiss and gurgle of the brew as
she got some organic eggs and soy milk out to scramble. She decided to make
Griffith breakfast, too, even if it had to wait for him in the fridge. It was
nice to have someone to look after again.
after yesterday, he deserved it. She knew she shouldn’t entertain starting
something with him with medical school on the horizon, but after spending time
with him, a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders, and she was ready
to start fresh and tackle her workweek. She sang a little, opened the fridge,
and bent to retrieve the bacon from the bottom shelf. A sharp intake of breath
filled the silence from a few feet away.
under her arm she saw Griff, half naked in black sweat bottoms with the Police
Academy logo. Her eyes drifted to the hard planes of his abs, a sculpted eight
pack most men would give their left nut for. His stacked chest rose and fell,
and his fists clenched. Like a current in the air, she could feel him trying to
keep it together.
gaze trailed past his ribs and flat stomach, down the sharp V of his hip
flexors, to the promise of what lay beneath.
her brain kicked in and she realized her bikini thong was on display with the globes
of her ass cheeks parted and raised in the air, like she was waiting for him to
grab hold and ride. Her hair chose the wrong moment to slide over her shoulder
and into her face, and he let out a strangled moan.
            Oh, God.
stood and yanked the hem of her shirt down. “Jeez, I’m so sorry. I didn’t think you were up. I was just about to make
breakfast before I got changed.”
gulped. Her eyes flicked to the hardened bulge of his cock, which tented
against his sweats. He looked like he wanted to devour her. “I…need to use the
bathroom,” he growled tightly, then marched down the hall and slammed the
bathroom door.
looked at the exposed bottom half of her panties, and rolled her eyes. “Great,
Sonnet. Just great.” She turned off the stove, abandoned the breakfast food,
and made her way to her bedroom. A stifled moan escaped from behind the closed
bathroom door as she passed, and stopped her in her tracks.
any other circumstance she wouldn’t give it a second thought—people moaned all
the time because they were tired or relieved—but she listened. It was a certain
kind of moan, one she made the first
night she’d met him when she touched herself.
heard a distinctive rhythmic thwacking of flesh upon flesh, a series of muffled
pants, a grunt, and soft thud against the wall, and her pussy throbbed. She
clenched her thighs together and put her palm over her mouth.

About the Author:

Roxanne D. Howard is a U.S. Army veteran who has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and English. She loves to read poetry, classical literature, and Stephen King. Also, she is an avid Star Wars fan, musical theater nut, and marine biology geek. Roxanne resides in the western U.S., and when she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children. Roxanne loves to hear from her readers, and encourages you to contact her via her website and social media.

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  1. This sounds like a fantastic book. Beautiful cover!

  2. I really liked the excerpt. Sounds like a great book.
    Best wishes for you and your book!!

  3. I enjoyed reading the excerpt and learning more about this book. Thanks for sharing!