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Excerpt Tour: At Home With Andre by Kathleen Duhamel

At Home With Andre
by Kathleen Duhamel


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



New York public relations consultant and self-proclaimed control freak Katie McDowell may have made the biggest career mistake of her life. She’s agreed to temporarily leave her beloved Manhattan to manage the company’s struggling New Orleans office, knowing her biggest client is television chef Andre Thibodeaux, whose massive masculine presence makes her feel hotter than the onset of menopause.

Finding her way in a funky new city and earning the trust of her employees is tough enough without annoying hot flashes, night sweats and ugly mood swings, not to mention the lingering memory of one steamy night she shared with the big man she thinks she can’t have.

Sexy, smart, and successful, Chef Andre has everything a man could want except the right woman, and he’s determined to learn why Katie rejected him. To convince her to stay in Louisiana, he’ll need to find a way to make her fall in love-with him, as well as the vibrant southern city he calls home.


EXCERPTS (Exclusive Excerpt):

Gazing into the night sky through the windshield, I can’t make out a single star through the cloud cover, only the weak glow of two streetlights in the foggy atmosphere. I half expect to see the figure of a cloaked vampire emerge from the darkness.

Instead, I hear the comforting sound of tires on gravel as Andre’s SUV swings into the lot. He parks the Cadillac parallel to my Mazda, jumps out and escorts me to the passenger door. I ease into the luxurious leather seat, breathing a little easier. He returns to the driver’s side, reaches behind him, and places a child’s backpack on my lap.

He wasn’t joking about the snacks. I unzip the pack to find granola bars, fruit leather, and a juice box.

“I always carry food,” he informs me, “because ya never know when ya might run across someone who needs it.

“You didn’t eat tonight, did ya?”

I tear the wrapper off a crunchy granola bar, bite into it and shake my head.

“No,” I mutter after swallowing a mouthful. “It didn’t seem right to take any food if it meant someone else wouldn’t get a meal.”

“It kind of gets to ya, doesn’t it, to realize how great the needs are,” he agrees. “But the worst thing to do is let yourself get overwhelmed. Ya gotta stay focused on the goal and keep pluggin’ away at it.”

I open the juice box and chug most of its contents, not bothering with the straw, before finishing off the granola bar.

“Feelin’ better now?” he asks.

“Yes, thank you.”

The smile he returns makes me hotter than a downed electrical line. I’m experiencing the same sensations I felt during our dinner that night in Vegas. Sitting in the car so close to him feels intimate, exhilarating, and slightly terrifying.

He sits in silence for a few more moments, while I devour what’s left of the snacks, before placing both huge hands on the steering wheel and turning his head toward mine.

“There’s somethin’ I wanna ask ya, and if you’ll tell me the brutal truth, I swear I’ll never mention Las Vegas.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kathleen Duhamel is the author of Deep Blue, Deeper, and At Home With Andre. She wrote and illustrated her first short story at the age of eight, and has been a writer for most of her life. Her love of the written word continued throughout her varied career as a newspaper journalist and editor, public relations executive, freelance travel writer and owner/operator of two small businesses. A native of Texas, she spent most of her adult life in Colorado before relocating to Virginia in 2014, where she lives with her husband, a standard poodle and geriatric cat. She is a lifelong devotee of rock and soul music, contemporary art and pop culture.



Kathleen will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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