Thursday, May 11, 2017

EDC Peanut Lighter - Waterproof Fire Starter for Survival and Emergency Use (2 sets)

We love to go camping. Camping to us is not a motor home it is a tent in the woods. We have to build our own fires to cook with. these tiny little lighters are great for our adventures. They are small about 2 inches tall and not quite as big around as a US dime. They have a very nice metal chain and clip attached which go on a belt loop or back pack for easy carrying. The set comes with 2 of the peanut lighters, a package of flints and extra wick. You do need to supply the lighter fluid since the set does not come with it.

The lighters have a metal casing on them and are windproof. The lid screws on and off easily. No more burnt fingers when trying to get a fire started, and you can start a fire even on a windy day.

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