Friday, March 10, 2017

The Guests on South Battery (Tradd Street #5) by Karen White Review

Karen White did not let me down with this the 5th book in the Tradd Street Series. I love how well this series is written. How as she adds new characters she keeps the old ones the same. I love love love the ghosts. Ghosts are my favorite form of the paranormal genre. I also love the mystery she adds to each of the Tradd Street books. 

In this book Melanie is going back to work after her marriage to Jack and the birth of their twins. Her first client on her first day has inherited and old house from someone she has never met. 

Jayne Smith has no desire to own much less live in the old house so she sees Melanie to help her sell the house and to find her a new modern house. She is also looking for a job as a Nanny and Melanie just happens to be looking for one for the twins. 

Melanie, Jayne and others go to the old hour to decide what to do with it. What needs to be fixed, what needs to be tossed, and what needs to be kept. The Cat is the first thing that needs to go. Melanie and Jayne see the cat but no one else does. The cat is just the first ghost that appears. Melanie during her pregnancy lost her ability to see ghosts but now that sh is no longer pregnant the sight is slowly coming back, but she still feels at times a curtain has been pulled down. So she also asks her mother for help.

I did have some idea as to how the story was going to end early int he book was was still surprised about a few things they uncovered later in the story. I really like Karen Whites writing style and as long as she writes the Tradd Street Series I will greedily grabbing up her books. 

I did listen to this books audio version. I was driving home from my Daughter's by myself. It is an 8 hour trip and Melanie and the gang kept me company and entertained the whole way. Definitely made the trip go a lot faster.

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