Friday, March 10, 2017

REVIEW: Split Rock by Holly Hodder Eger

I am very happy I read this book. at times I wanted to yell holler and scream at other times I wanted and few time did cry.  This was a gripping book to me. It is all about love, loss, forgiving, accepting, and moving on with the slaps life loves to give.  I really enjoyed and could relate to the characters in this book from the main ones to the ones with little parts as well. I really enjoyed the way Holly Hodder Eger took you to the house on Martha's Vineyard.  She described the people, places, and things just enough to let you visualize but not so much I got bored and started scanning pages to get back to the story.  The book took on a true to life story and done a great job with it. I love fantasy but when I am reading a book like this I appreciate it when everything is imaginable. Some of the things brought up in this book we can all relate too, some even more then 1 situation.

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