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NBTM: Retribution Ridge by Anna Willett

Retribution Ridge
by Anna Willett


GENRE: Thriller



For Milly Birdsworth and Her sister Judith, a two day trip in an isolated area of the National Park seems like an ideal way to mend their tattered relationship. With Milly’s best friend Harper along for moral support and experienced hiker Lucas as their guide, it seems nothing can go wrong.

But when everyone has something to hide, it’s difficult to know who to trust. What starts out as an adventure to bring two sisters together quickly becomes a terrifying ordeal where old wounds are exposed and a deadly tragedy is brought to light. One thing is clear, someone is seeking retribution and won’t stop until the guilty are punished.


Excerpt Two:

“This is going to be a long two days.” Milly sighed and climbed out of the car.

“I’m Lucas. Lucas Werd. A friend of Judith’s. She’s asked me to lead the hike.”

“I’m Milly. I see you’ve met Harper.” Milly grasped the man’s hand, grateful that he’d stepped forward and bridged the uncomfortable silence between her and Judith.

“I was just telling Lucas that you and Judith haven’t really spoken in years, not since you were both teenagers. So,” Harper drew out the word. “This might be the most tortuous hiking group he’s ever led.”

Harper’s words hung in the air. Milly felt the knot in her stomach twist into full-blown anxiety. Why did I agree to this, she asked herself, and not for the first time. Guilt? Loneliness? She wanted to look at her sister and see how the moment was affecting her, but she couldn’t bear to meet Judith’s gaze. She found her eyes darting everywhere but at the one person she’d driven three hours to see.

“What’s all the rope for?” Her focus landed on the pile of equipment heaped on the bitumen near the rear of the car.

“We’re going to do a bit of abseiling.” It was the first time Judith had spoken since Milly and Harper arrived.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Anna Willett is the author of Backwoods Ripper and Retribution Ridge.  Raised in Western Australia Anna developed a love for fiction at an early age and began writing short stories in high school. Drawn to dark tales, Anna enjoys writing thrillers with strong female characters. When she’s not writing, Anna enjoys reading, travelling and spending time with her husband and two children.


Interview with Anna Willett
1. What is your favorite part of this book and why?
I love writing action or fight scenes. There’s something compelling about working out whose hand goes where and how a blow lands. Lots of things are happening at once including character’s emotions. If done correctly, a fight scene should get the reader’s heart racing. When I’m writing the scene, if my heart’s kicked up a notch, I know I’m doing it right.

2. If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?
I’d have to say Archie, a character from Retribution Ridge. He’s a very bad man and that’s what attracts me. His personality is repellent and fascinating at the same time. I’d like to spend a day – separated from him by Plexiglas  - talking to him about why he does the things he does and what sort of emotions, if any he experiences. I think a day with Archie would set me up for writing a lifetime of villains and recurring nightmares.

3. If you could have been the author of any book ever written, which book would you choose?
It would have to be To Kill a Mockingbird. There are so many reasons to choose that particular book; it won a Pulitzer Prize and became a modern classic. Apart from the continuing success of the book, the writing is flawless brilliance incorporating childhood innocence while dealing with social issues such as class, race and gender. If all that isn’t enough, I’ve read it twice and loved every word.

4. Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?
Not in a complete sense. Some of my characters have elements of people I know, but only small things like the clothes they wear or turn of phrase. For the most part the people I write about come from my imagination and a life-time of interactions. However, I do throw in the odd minor character with more than a few recognizable traits. But I only do it when someone specifically asks me to put them in my book.

5. What made you want to become a writer?

There’s no one defining moment that I can point to and say that’s the thing that did it. Mostly the urge to write comes from a love of reading and a vivid imagination. I’ve loved books since I was a child, mostly scary stories. Writing is something I’ve done on and off most of my life just not with the intent of publishing anything until about five years ago.
The intent to write has always been there, it just wasn’t the right time in my life.


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