Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Montreal by Debra Schoenberger

This is my 3rd photography book by Debra Schoenberger. I really love her work. The photos really take you to the place she is visiting and shows you the real everyday of that place unlike a tourist brochure.

Of the 3 books of Debra's this is not my favorite. It is still worthy of 5 stars but a lot of the pictures are smaller and black and white. I have the digital copy of this book so the paper book may be large and the pictures are not actually as small as they seem. Her other to books were more vibrant, colorful, and really jumped off the page at you.

I do love how on a lot of her photos if you actually look at the picture you see different things. There is one picture at a train station, at first you see the railroad tracks, the depot, the sidewalk, but when you really look at it you see the shadows, there is a shadow of a person walking across the sidewalk, almost like a ghost, at least that's how I seen it.

My favorite picture would be the one taken at a fruit stand. There are a several people milling around doing their thing not even acknowledging the camera accept one little girl. She is looking directly at the camera with a "Don't take my picture" look on her face. I found it to be adorable and funny. Another of my favorites was taken at dusk of large buildings with cars going down the road. The colors in this pictures are just beautiful to me.

I cannot wait for her to see where her next photography book will take me.

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